My Top Sets here on Polyvore

@polyvore & team, Thank you
I use Polyvore to express, and display my own individual style! I dont use it to create exactly what I see from the runway, some do, & thats cool too. When I create a layout it is Original to the outfit I create. It all comes from scratch. A few key points I have always kept from set to set but that's why you most likely wont see the same set layout from me, twice! How do you guys decide your layout you use? Some people have amazing set design! Mine starts with the outfit I choose to play with and how much time I have. Ive been using the edges of sets lately. I am glad you guys enjoy

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Wrote 7 months ago
Congrats some great fashion sets ;)))

Wrote three years ago
Brilliant creations, miss your voice and art on Polyvore skullies.


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