Gifts from Friends

If I have missed anything, it was inadvertent. Please send me the link so I can include it.


Wrote one year ago
Thanks for adding my latest set...this collection just gets more and more incredible every time I visit and I am so honored to be included!

Wrote two years ago
Thank you for including my set, Hugs M

Wrote two years ago
@trickster-kat Thank you for your lovely and intriguing comment, and for getting me to go through this collection again and feel the warmth and love. I hope your class is going well. I know you haven't been able to go to Memphis and Oxford, but I sent you my sets so you would know what we're up to and could enjoy the sights second hand. Whether you're along or not, in my mind you are one of the band of sisters.

Wrote two years ago
What a lovely collection of representations of Ms. Kate as the various of us "know" her....this is such a wonderful prism of you, my friend!


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