I have been a stay at home mom for 8 years and finally got back into the work force. I only work part time as an 1:1 instructional aide and if I can save some of my earning maybe $50-$100 a month to buy something nice for myself that would be great. I, like so many other moms, tend to buy things for my kids. So for this coming new year I would like to make a goal to buy something nice for myself. If I could have anything these 6 items would be it. I have never owned a peacoat and always thought they were gorgeous. A burberry bag would be the biggest luxury the y are absolutely gorgeous. Riding boots should be a staple for every women gorgeous brown leather sigh. I love the look of wrap watches, functional and chic. The smell of the versace yellow diamond perfume is heavenly and lastly an amazon giftcard to buy myself books ;) I'm an avid reader try to read atleast 10 books a month.

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