Ha-ha-happy holidays! These are a few of my favorite things. And it's not just that I want these things. I need them! 

Why I need the dresses- I'm graduating this year. Yep! I need Three dresses: One for confirmation, one for graduating my foreign language Saturday classes, and one for Jr. High graduation! And I want 3 different dresses, because I'm a diva - no. I am glamorous! One of these dresses could be the ultimate show-stopper. Instead of boring dresses that everyone wears, I will stand out!

The Shoes: I need new high heels. Literally - need. I need them for church, for a play, for graduation. (Oh, and why I need this for graduation so early? Well, my parents are always last-minute people. So by the time I try to buy my dress and shoes, there will be no cute ones left!)

The Bag: My last coach got ruined in an unfortunate explosive-Pepsi accident. Oops! Well, I need a new one to carry some school books. This should be a stylish way to carry around all my necessities!

Have a holly-jolly holiday guys! And a blast for the New Year! Have fun, go sledding, sing Christmas carols, and have a wild, warm winter!

Love you all! Mwah!

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