i squat down really low, with my knees wide apart, and kind of shift from side to side. i do that about 100 times (its really not that hard to do) and i can feel my legs toning. 
I also try to jog everyday, but somtimes i settle for walking if its really hot outside.

Every other day:
I do about 100 crunches, taking 10 second breaks between 10 or 20 crunches. then I like to do some leg movments, where its like youre riding a bike, only on your back, and i do about 100 of them, again, taking about 10 second breaks between 10 or 20 of them. 
after i do that, i stand up, and do some standing crunches (standing crunches work your lower abbs, where as crunches on the ground work your upper. also, standing crunches are easier, and easier on your neck.) and again, i do about 100 of them.
and then i like to tensen my abs, and twist the upper half of my touriso, about 100 times. 

I dont think im forgetting anything, but if i am, ill add it later.
Tip by Robyn @thechasmisntfixedyet hope you like!!!
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