hey there!

we all wish ice cream was healthy, right? well it can be! here are 3 ways to eat healthy ice cream :)

01- make better choices
pick sorbet, frozen yogurt or gillato. Heathier, not quite like ice cream, not completely healthy but SO good. 

---the DIYs---

02. freeze that fruit!
Frozen fruit can, literally, taste like ice cream. I'm not joking, just pop some fruit into the freezer, leave for a while and BAM you have super healthy ice cream. I'm addicted to freezing my grapes like this- it's amazing and healthy. Try bananas and whatever else you like like this- ice cream that;s totally healthy. Magic.

03. Fruit+milk
This is thanks to my amazing mom. We're all addicted to these. A mix between smoothie and ice cream. Freeze some fruit (our favorites are bananas and/or strawberries), add some coconut or almond milk and blend a little. We also like to add honey and/or peanut butter.

Hope you like and try these!

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