Mystere City Characters

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    "*More characters can be added if needed. If the character is Taken, there will be a T next to their name. Also, try to stick to your..." — @dreamingofthestars
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  • Blurry city lights
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    "charrie's bio. If you want to change the description a bit once you've been accepted as that character, ask in the ennrollment form please." — @dreamingofthestars
  • "Fun Size" Mall Of America Screening
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    "Name: Rachael Nandly/ T
    Age: 21
    The richest and "best" of Mystere City, Rachael has it all; everything. For now. She's engaged to John R.
    Secret: She's going to marry him for his money" — @dreamingofthestars
    Musician Carly Rae Jepsen attends the screening of Paramount Pictures' "Fun Size" at Mall Of America screening on October 20, 2012 in Bloomington, Minnesota.
  • Emma Watson by Vincent Peters for Glamour UK October 2012
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    "Name: Alana Richardson
    Age: 21
    Alana is the sweetest person you will meet in Mystere city, and that's saying something. She's super kind.
    Secret: She buys everyone's friendship" — @dreamingofthestars
    Emma Watson glams in designs from Dior latest collection for the October issue of British Glamour magazine, captured by Vincent Peters wit styling by Emer Dewar.
  • Simplicity is Beautiful
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    "Name: Rosaleen Whitesman
    Age: 22
    Rosaleen is the slut of Mystere, she's slept with a lot of guys and all of the guys want her.
    Secret: She's a prostitute." — @dreamingofthestars
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    "Name: Olivia Whitesman
    Age: Sixteen
    She's sisters with Rosaleen, but is the exact opposite. She's a total prep and a straight A+ student. She always acts perfect, but she's a snob.
    Secret: She cheats her way through everything" — @dreamingofthestars
  • girls
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    "Name: Faye Winters
    Age: 20
    Faye is the quiet, outspoken one. She is friendly most of the time, especially to Lily.
    Secret: She is lesbian" — @dreamingofthestars
    Kristen Stewart
  • Beautiful Mess <3
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    "Name: Lily Jacobs
    Age: 20
    She is a bubbly, funny, ditsy kind of girl who loves to party, and she has her eye on somone, but who is it?
    Secret: She is lesbian" — @dreamingofthestars
    The Beautiful Barbra Palvin <3
  • ACM Awards ’12 OMG, Taylor Swift looks amazing! Plus Carrie Underwood’s makeup mask; Nicole Kidman’s upper lip
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    "Name: Emma Lockland
    Age: 23
    She is very nosy and conceded, the worst to things a person can be. She always gets in everybody's way and makes things worse.
    Secret: She is anorexic" — @dreamingofthestars
    Last night, the Academy of Country Music gave out some awards. No, I didn’t watch—frankly, I wasn’t even going to cover it on here until I saw the pics. And then I knew we had to talk. May I direct
  • Emma Stone Make Up Tutorial Beauty Blogger Tanya Burr Tells Us How To Get The Actress' Winged Eyeliner Look
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    "Name: Tara Leeders
    Age: 22
    The social outcast of mystere, though she does have one thing going for her: wealth. She's the second richest of myster.
    Secret: She steals things from everyone; she's a thief" — @dreamingofthestars
    Today I will be giving you guys a step by step guide to actress Emma Stone's signature make up look...
  • lovingmalemodels: Tim Borrmann
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    "Name: Caleb Callier
    Age: 21
    He is a fashion designer, male model, and hard-partier. He takes everything too seriously and is very emotional.
    Secret: He is gay" — @dreamingofthestars
    lovingmalemodels: “Tim Borrmann ”
  • Zac Efron photo shoot for English photographer Ben Watts 2010 | Zac Efron Picture #16342065 - 454 x 681 - FanPix.Net
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    "Name: Zach Payton
    Age: 24
    He is very athletic, handsome, and rich. All the ladies want him.
    Secret: He is such a player" — @dreamingofthestars
  • River Viiperi for Daman Stardust and Sequins
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    "Name: Mason Canoff
    Age: Nineteen
    One of the younger ones of mystere, he is kind of quiet, but really funny and kind. He has his eye on Olivia.
    Secret: He sort of stalks Olivia" — @dreamingofthestars
    Such a cutie!!! - S x D ffffound
  • Classify male model Joe Collier
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    "Name: Graydon Canoff
    Age: Nineteen
    Twins with Mason, they are very similar, except Graydon is meaner. And they share one thing. Who likes Olivia more and who will get her?
    Secret: He beats up Mason all the time if he gets mad" — @dreamingofthestars
    Apricity is a European Cultural Community
  • APettyfans.COM Official Tumblr
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    "Name: Daniel Sinclaire
    Age: 34
    He looks young for his age, but hey, whoever said that was bad? He's in love with Faye, but he doesn't know her secret and no one else does either.
    Secret: He's been to jail a lot" — @dreamingofthestars
  • ZsaZsa Bellagio: guys
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    "Name: Sean Everest
    Age: 24
    The most preppiest, full of himself guy here and he thinks everyone likes him. He has his eye on Rachael even though she is engaged, afterall, doesn't everyone want him?
    Secret: He lies way too much" — @dreamingofthestars
    "A blog about fashion, design, home, decor, art, everything beautiful, gorgeous and wonderful."
  • Celebrities Editorial "Serial Lover" Ryan Gosling For ELLE Magazine
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    "Name: John Randoulph
    Age: 26
    He is an honest, sweet guy. Maybe a little too sweet with the ladies, but he truly loves Rachael, but does she love him back?
    Secret: He has slept with Rosaleen behind Rachael's back" — @dreamingofthestars


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Thanksssssss. And your welcome Ema-nay-nay. (;

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Ohhhhhh gracias Stepha-nay-nay @dreamingofthestars . I like your new username!

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She buys them nice, expensive things, is really friendly, etc. She tries to buy their affections with materialistic things.

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Questionnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn: What does it mean by, 'She buys everyone's friendship' in Alana Richardson's bio???

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