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Hi girls.
In this Group you can show your own World and your own Style. You can enter your fashion sets or your Edits...
We will have many Contests:D
We also have a Challange(read below). You don't have to finish this Challange. It's just for yourself. But you can PM me, when you finished the Challange.
--> Don't forget: You DON'T HAVE TO finish this Challenge:D
O1. Your Country (In which country do you live/Where are you from??)
O2. Your >Set Style< (Everyone has his own style. Every Set is different. Show us YOUR Style.)
O3. Your Outfit (What do you wear usally?)
O4. Your favorite Pictures (Make a Set with your favorite Pictures, and tell us in the description why you like them???)
O5. Your favorite colour combination (Make a set and use two or more colours, which you really like)
O6. Your biggest dream (Make a set of your biggest dream. For example, if you want to become a great singer one day, make a Set about this. Or if you really want to kiss Robert Pattinson one day, then make a set about This.)
Make a Collection with this sets and send me the Link:D
That was it. Be creative and show us your Own Style:D
Pople who finsihed the challange:D
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