Nɑdiɑ Pɑris Ɗevine ♡

Name: Nadia Paris Devine.
Age: Seventeen.
Personality: Nadia is quite a unique girl, the type who will always fight for what she wants and will always stand by what she believes in. She is incredibly intelligent and often quite mature and careful, but also has her playful and childish side. She's normally quite caring and certainly an individual.
Likes: Fashion, music, art, reading and anything creative really along with her fair amount of sport, particularly lacrosse, soccer and tennis.
Dislikes: Mathematics, heartbreak, people who are stuck-up, rude people and rainy days.
Bio: Nadia grew up in Paris, France with her mother and father, being an only child in a incredibly wealthy family who has been well known for their success in the fashion industry with modeling and clothing designing. As Nadia grew up she began to love fashion, music and sports; so she got involved in all of those things, she can now sing and play basically any instrument you could imagine, design brilliant clothing and beat anyone at almost any sport you could think of. She's known for being talented and incredibly intelligent, and its clear that she's in for a bright future.

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