I was tagged by the lovely @nadiasxox , thanks sweetie

a - available: nope

b - birthday: july 4th

c - crushing on: Aiman Afiff *a viner

d - drink you last had: coke

e - easiest person to talk to: my dad

f - favorite song: born to die Lana Del Rey and wild heart The Vamps

g - gummy bears or gummy worms: it always gummy worms, baby !

h - hometown: Canada

i - in love with: Cameron Dallas

k - killed someone: omg no !

l - longest car ride: more than 14 hours ! urghh worst day ever, my butt hurts as !

m - milkshake flavor: banana milkshake and strawberry milkshake

n - number of siblings: 4

o - one wish: i wish i was dating him ! ;)

p - person that you called last: my aunt

r - reason to smile: food and hmm ... food ~!

s - song you last sang: stay with me Sam Smith

t - time you woke up: 6:50 AM

u - underwear color: stripe pink and grey lol

v - vegetable: carrot and potato 

w - worst habit: scratching my wounds and it would bleed again 

x - x-rays you've had: never

y - years living where you live: 6 or 7 years i guess, i don't know 

z - zodiac sign: cancer

favorite animal: cats!!

what color do you wear most?: black

least favorite color: yellow ?

what are you listening to: heartbreaker by Justin Bieber

can you whistle?: absolutely no !

do you believe in miracles: yeah

do believe in magic?: hmm no

love at first sight?: yes *blushing

do you believe in santa?: sorry no

do you like roller coasters: of course yeah, who don't like roller coasters in this planet dude ?! haha

have you ever been in plane?: yes

have you ever been to the ocean?: yes

what was the last thing you bought?: hijab for my bestfriend. yes she is a muslim and i respect that since we go to the same school and she is the one who approach me first and tried to be friend with me, she is friendly :)

what was the last thing on tv you watched?: Pokemon !

do you cry when you get an injury?: well yeah if it hurts a lot !

do songs make you cry?: no

are you a happy person?: sometimes ?

what is your current hair color?: brunette

your eye color?: dark brown

short or long hair?: over my shoulder, short maybe ?

height?: me ? hahahah 159 

i tag: @etheras , @admir-ing , @tania-maria , @child-of-the-tropics , and YOU !
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