Nadine Belissario

Nadine Frances Arietta Belissario
Age 27
Of Italian, Irish, French and Slavic descent
Hair and eye color as in the photos
Height- 5'12''
-Heiress of her paternal grandfather's huge business empire based in Philadelphia. CEO is her mom, Nadine is also actively involved in it.
Annual income- $20-$40 million
-Very Smart
-Undergraduate & Graduate studies from U Penn.
-Grew up in Philadelphia, now lives in the affluent suburban community of Gladwyne on the Pennsylvania Main Line. Bought her gorgeous home two years ago.
-Enthusiast of all art forms particularly dance, films and theatre.
-A very dedicated reader, huge book lover, has challenged herself to read 1000 classic literary works.
-A great Golfer and Swimmer.
- Champion debater during her school days and throughout college.
- Award winning student academically.
- Huge fashion lover with a great sense of style
- Does not run around with a posse of followers just a handful of well chosen long time close friends, her best friend now writes for the New Yorker.
-Highly knowledgeable about what's happening in the U.S and the world.
-Interested in politics.
-An outspoken liberal.
- Regularly donates to charities and is involved with her family's own charity which she founded actually.
-Has an active Twitter, her only public profile. Facebook is for only close people and friends. Writes great reviews on Goodreads and has a blog.

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