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Okay, so if you are looking to do something eye-catching and clever like this with your nails, here's a little how to:
1) Get sky blue, blood red, pure white, and pitch black nail polish. (LOL;; some nice descriptions, ehh?) You may also want clear nail polish... but it's not needed.
2) Start by painting every nail white.
3) Once the white dries, continue onto the next step; get out the blue nail polish, and draw *pefect* lines, RIGHT across each nail. *left to right, not up to down*
4) Once these lines have been made, draw ONE, long, straight line going down the side of each nail. (MAKE THIS LINE ON THE LEFT SIDE OF EACH NAIL!)
5) Once every line is done, draw three small dots right next to the line you just recently made, and space them out evenly!
7) Get out your black and red nail polish. Starting with the black, create an "i" with a loop at the top; below the i (ON YOUR RING FINGER). Next, usng the red, create a red "♥" but don't fill it in with nail polish (ON YOUR MIDDLE FINGER). Just leave it open. Finally, create the "u" with a loop on the side, like the "i" (ON YOUR POINTER FINGER).

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