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  • nails inc. Nailkale Bright Street Illuminator
    nails inc. Nailkale Bright Street Illuminator
    Say hello to brighter, stronger and healthier looking nails with the nails inc. Nailkale Bright Street Illuminator. It's formulated with a blend of natural ingredients, including supercharged kale extract to provide stimulating and reparative levels of vitamins A, C and K, to nourish and smooth the nails. The illuminator uses iridescent pearls to brighten the nail bed and enhance white tips for a stunning natural radiance, whilst a patented regenerating complex boosts the production of keratin for stronger nails. Wave goodbye to stained, yellowing and imperfect nails with this amazing nail product! K.D. Apply one to two coats to clean bare nails. Brand: nails inc. Range: Nailkale.
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