Nala is Simba's childhood friend who later on becomes his Queen in Disney's 32nd film, the 1994 "Lion King". She joins Simba in going to the forbidden Elephant Graveyard and ditching Zazu on the way. Later, after Simba has run away, she finds him in the jungle and asks him why he hasn't returned. After hearing that he's gone back to face Scar, she joins him in fighting for Pride Rock.

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Disney Power!

Disney Power!

This group is where you get to enter all your Disney sets! Disney represents the child in us, it's creative and imaginative and most of all shows us that magic doesn't have to just come from a fairy, but from within! Never stop believing in what you want and you will get there :D

Head moderator: Sarah

50 Disney Challenge

50 Disney Challenge

Hi everyone! Welcome to the largest Disney group on Polyvore! For the 50 Disney Challenge, you will have to make a collection about the specific challenge topics listed below. For this challenge, there are no time limits so you can take as much time as you need. When you finish the challenge, your name and collection will be added to the list of completed challenges!
The best of luck to every group member!
1. Best Animated Movie
2. Best Live Action Movie
3. Best Male Disney Character (can be from an animated or live action movie)
4. Best Female Disney Character (can be from an animated or live action movie)
5. Villain that you think should get their own movie
6. Disney Park you would love to visit (can be located anywhere in the world)
7. Disney Ride you would love to ride on (can be from any of the parks)
8. Disney themed set based on a holiday
9. Disney themed set based on a color
10. Your dream Disney vacation outfit
11. A Disney related anniversary (examples: The anniversary of a movie, t.v. show, ride, or park)
12. Best Disney t.v. show (can be animated or live action)
13. Animal that you think should win an award (example: Any of the 101 Dalmatians winning a dog show) (This can be any animal character of your choosing)
14. Best and Worst Sequel (can be animated and/or live action)
15. A non-Disney animated movie that you feel is just as good as a Disney movie
16. The birthday of a Disney character
17. Male non-Disney character that you think would fit in the Disney Animated Community
18. Female non-Disney character that you think would fit in the Disney Animated Community
19. If you were given the opportunity to host a party at a movie theater, which Disney movie would serve as your party’s theme?
20. Design a room based on something that is Disney related
21. Create a t-shirt based on either a Disney movie, character, t.v. show, park, or ride
22. Actor and/or Actress you would like to see in a future Disney movie
23. Disney movie you wouldn’t mind seeing a remake of
24. Disney t.v. show you would love to see a movie of
25. A question that you feel a Disney movie or t.v. show forgot to answer
26. Make a Disney themed calendar page (example: A Frozen themed calendar page for the month of January)
27. A meal you would love to try at the Disney parks (example: Kitchen Sink Sundae)
28. A book you think should be adapted into a Disney movie
29. Disney themed set based on a sport
30. Favorite Star Wars character
31. Favorite Marvel Super Hero
32. Disney Channel movie you feel deserves more recognition
33. A Disney movie you would like to see cross-over with either another Disney movie or a Non-Disney movie (can be animated and/or live action)
34. If you were a dance teacher helping your dance students prepare for a dance competition, what routine would you come up with? This set has to include the song (it must be a Disney song), costumes, how many dancers in the routine, props, and what style of dance is in the routine. (If you want to create your set about a competition for cheer, ice skating, baton, etc., that is allowed)
35. Design a pair of “Mickey Ears”
36. Place a “Hidden Mickey” somewhere in your set (You must create a set with a “Hidden Mickey” in it)
37. Create a Vinylmation (template found here: )
38. Which Disney related place would you love to celebrate your birthday at? (can be a place from a Disney movie, t.v. show, or a theme park attraction)
39. Your dream Disney themed gift (Which Disney themed gift would you love to receive?)
40. If you were given the chance to go to any Disney park, which three Disney characters would you invite on your Disney adventure? (The Disney characters that you choose can be animated and/or live action)
41. Which Disney couple’s wedding would you like to be invited to?
42. If you won a shopping spree to the Disney Store, what is the first item you would buy?
43. Scenario: One of your favorite Disney characters is going on a Disney Cruise vacation! Help them pick a special outfit for their Cruise adventure! This set has to include the character of your choosing (can be animated or live action) and the outfit that you have put together.
44. Disney character you would love to see perform live (can be animated or live action)
45. Pick 2 or 3 Disney and/or Non-Disney characters that you could see forming a friendship (can be animated and/or live action)
46. Make a Disney themed set that promotes a charity (can be any charity of your choosing)
47. If you were a babysitter, which Disney child character would you like to babysit? (can be animated or live action)
48. If you could give one of your favorite Disney characters a gift, what would that gift be?
49. Make a Disney themed set featuring your favorite item from your Items on Polyvore
50. If you were given the opportunity to go on an expedition of your choosing, which five Disney characters would you take with you? This set has to include the location that will be exploring. The Disney characters can be animated and/or live action.

Group members that have completed the challenge:



This group is for all your sets of Disney movies/characters, and|or movies & characters of any movies from your childhood!! Show your LOVE of all disney & non disney animated movies!! non-animated are welcome long as it's from your childhood :) :) :)
there will be plenty of contests!!! So submit your sets! :D
Also, if you're up for the challenge:
Disney Princess Challenge
1: Favorite movie
2: Favorite princess
3: Favorite prince
4: Favorite song
5: Favorite kiss
6: Prettiest princess
7: Favorite castle
8: Saddest moment
9: Favorite couple
10: Best hair
11: Favorite animal sidekick
12: Favorite non-animal sidekick
13: Favorite outfit
14: Favorite villain
15: Favorite romantic moment
16: Favorite singing voice
17: Best eyes
18: Favorite name
19: Favorite soundtrack
20: Funniest moment
21: Favorite quote
22: Bravest princess
23: Favorite dance scene
24: Favorite parent
25: Favorite lyrics
26: Most magical moment
27: Best wardrobe
28: Favorite sequel
29: Favorite overall moment
30: Favorite happy ending
**Once you are done, make a collection for your sets and PM me the link, I will post your name and link in the group info :)
bri's unicorn appreciation:
ϟ AriesPrincess~Slyffindor ϟ:
melissa hearts strawberries♥ (: :
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[ɴo ѡɑy]....ßɛℓℓɑ Kɑy.ϟ:
what a lovely way to burn<3:
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