Nambe Tree of Life Menorah - Nambé
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  • Nambe Judaica Menorah
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    A modern, minimalist take on the traditional Hanukkah menorah. Crafted by Marilyn Davidson in sleek alloy metal. Measures 12.5 x 7.5.
  • Nambe Bella 12.5" Taper Candlesticks, Set of 2
    Nambe Bella 12.5" Taper Candlesticks, Set of 2.Color:Silver.Material:Metal alloy.
  • Nambe 'Traditions' Sabbath Candlesticks
    A set of stunning, clean-lined candlesticks from internationally renowned designer Marilyn Davidson serves as an heirloom-quality addition to your Sabbath celebration. The flared design conveys a sense of tradition, while perfectly complementing a wide range of decor. Brand: Nambe. Style Name: Nambe 'Traditions' Sabbath Candlesticks (Set of 2). Style Number: 967010. 8 1/2" x 2"; Metal alloy; By Nambe; imported;
  • Nambe 9" River Candlesticks, Set of 2
    Nambe crystal River candlesticks recall the fluidity of a rushing river with their dramatic, shimmering curves.
  • Nambe 'Tree of Life' Sabbath Candlesticks
    A nature-inspired aesthetic informs the sleek, sculptural form of polished candlesticks destined to become an instant family heirloom. Brand: Nambe. Style Name: Nambe 'Tree of Life' Sabbath Candlesticks (Set of 2). Style Number: 468554. 8" height; Designed by Marilyn Davidson; By Nambe; imported; Metal alloy;
  • Nambe Tree of Life Menorah
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    This modern, sculptural menorah shines with a high luster on the Hanukkah table, reminding everyone of the wonders it represents. Beautiful as a wedding or holiday gift. From Nambe.
  • Nambe Tree of Life Sabbath Candlestick, Set of 2
    This Nambe collection's fluid, sculptural tree-of-life form is a hallmark of designer Marilyn Davidson's prized creations.
  • Nambe 'Illume' Menorah
    Brighten the season with the contemporary statement of a sculptural silvertone menorah shaped with heirloom craftsmanship. Brand: Nambe. Style Name: Nambe 'Illume' Menorah. Style Number: 551663. Approx; dimensions: 14"L x 6"H; Designed by Todd Myers; Metal; By Nambe; imported
  • Nambe Set of 2 Aquila Candlesticks
    Named for Zeus' intrepid eagle, Aquila candlesticks possess a quiet power and strength. Distinguished by a gently turning spiral and clean lines in Nambe alloy, this statuesque pair illuminates your table with modern grace. Designed by Lou Henry.
  • Nambe Tree of Life Sabbath Candles
    These lustrous Sabbath candlesticks by designer Marilyn Davidson have a subtle, sculptural quality that gives them the appearance of stretching toward the sky. From Nambe.
  • Fred Bould for Nambe' Twist Votive Candleholder
    Designer: Fred Bould for Nambe' The Votive Candleholder, the graceful helix of this miniature votive gives it fluid movement. The perfect complement to other Twist items. The Twist Votive is Fred Bould's Twist Pillar Candleholder in a size (3"x 3") perfect for a votive candle. A grouping of Nambé metal and crystal votives, with candles glowing and reflections moving, is the very definition of an engaging experience. Materials: Metal. Dimensions: 3" x 3"
  • Art of Glam
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  • Nambe Set of 2 Tri Corner Candlesticks
    One of Nambe's most popular designs, the Tri-Corner candlesticks were designed by sculptor Richard K. Thomas to balance form and function. An asymmetrical shape and high-polished metal combine to lend your home modern elegance.
  • Nambe 'Aquila' Candlesticks
    Curvaceous lines illuminate a polished candlestick set. Brand: Nambe. Style Name: Nambe 'Aquila' Candlesticks (Set of 2). Style Number: 550576. Designed by Lou Henry; Approx; height: 10"; Metal alloy; By Nambe; imported
  • Nambe Traditions Sabbath Candlestick
    Nambe Traditions Sabbath Candlestick.Color:Silver.Material:Metal alloy.
  • Karim Rashid for Nambe' Kissing Candlesticks
    Designer: Karim Rashid for Nambe' Bring some romance to the table with the wonderful pair of Kissing Candlesticks designed by Karim Rashid. Designed for Nambe by Karim Rashid, this delightful pair of Kissing Candlesticks is sure to be a conversation starter. They are available in a pair of 7" or 9" in height. We could tell you about romantic unions dissolving roles and identities into a oneness, but the Kissing Candlesticks do that without words. Kissing cousins to our metal Kissing Salt and Pepper set, the candlesticks complete each other as loving and harmonious relationships do. A natural as a wedding, anniversary and Valentine's Day gift. (Candles are not included). Materials: Crystal. Dimensions: 7" or 9" height.
  • Fred Bould for Nambe' Twist Candlestick
    Designer: Fred Bould for Nambe' The Twist Candlesticks are slick and mysterious. Designed by Fred Bould in a twisting motion. These candlesticks embody a helix shape and generate intrigue with the impression of constantly changing motion. Imagine the surfaces intensified by ambient light and flickering candles. Set includes two candlesticks in 7" or 9". Candles not included. Materials: Metal. Dimensions: Available as a pair in 2 different sizes 7" H and 9" H.
  • Nambe 'Globe' Candlesticks
    Curled bases create an airless effect on a pair of polished candlesticks. Brand: Nambe. Style Name: Nambe 'Globe' Candlesticks (Set of 2). Style Number: 551069. Designed by Neil Cohen; Approx; height: 5" and 6 1/2"; Metal alloy; By Nambe; imported
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  • Nambe 'Tri-Corner' Candlestick
    Sleek, mirrored metal shapes sculptural candlesticks. Brand: Nambe. Style Name: Nambe 'Tri-Corner' Candlestick (Set of 2). Style Number: 551047. Designed by Richard K; Thomas; Approx; height: 9 1/2"; Metal alloy; hand wash
  • Nambe Crystal Piroett Candlesticks, 8"
    Designed by Artist Lisa Smith, Nambe's Piroett candlesticks seem to twirl like a dancer's skirt. Elegant with a fluid sense of motion, they radiate light beautifully.
  • Nambe Candlesticks
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    A pair of polished silver candlesticks cut with clean lines rise from flared bases up to elegant cups that hold any height of taper. The refined craftsmanship and intrinsic beauty ensure they'll become a heirlooms worthy of many generations to come. Brand: Nambe. Style Name: Nambe Candlesticks. Style Number: 551018. Approx; height: 8"; Designed by Marilyn Davidson; Metal alloy; By Nambe; imported
  • Nambe Globe Alloy Candleholder, Set of 2
    With playfully curled bases of shining alloy, these candlesticks appear almost weightlessnearly floating on airas the flames flicker toward the night sky. But in fact, these pieces are deceptively sturdy; thats the genius of award-winning designer Neil Cohen, whose creations are brilliantly engaging, and fabulously functional.
  • Nambe "Illume" Menorah
    Brighten the season and keep faith with tradition while making a festive contemporary statement. This menorah will make a lovely Hanukkah or wedding gift that families will enjoy year after year. Designed by Todd Myers, the piece is heirloom-durable, suitable for passing down from generation to generation.
  • Nambe "Aquila" Candlesticks
    Nambe Aquila candlesticks. Sculptural and free flowing, a gently turning spiral distinguishes the pieces in this collection, created by celebrated designer Lou Henry for Nambe. Introduced in Spring 2008, these tall slender candlesticks are perfectly crafted of Nambe signature alloy. A great set at the dinner table when paired with matching Aquila dinnerware, they also stand in bold confidence all on their own.
  • Nambe Crystal "Clarus" Kissing Pair of Candleholders, 9"
    Clarus "Kissing" Candleholders are made for each other. From Nambe of New Mexico, these beautiful works of art are the result of a collaboration between Nambe's award-winning designers and master European glass blowers. Available in 7" and 9" heights.

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