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NaNoWriMo 2016

THE DIRECTORY Here's a list of our NaNo accounts: http://www.polyvore.com/participating_in_nanowrimo_this_year/set?id=178350354 THE CHALLENGE: I am sure you all have tons of ideas for NaNo, but if you want to share things or are looking to get ideas or inspiration, or would like to develop an aspect of your story by making a set about it (which often helps me get unstuck), here’s a list of ideas (which everyone is highly welcome to expand!!!!! ;)) Feel free to explain as much or as little as you like! - Tell us about your idea: What is is, where did it come from? - What genre would you call your story? Queer space romance? Dieselpunk Western opera? Biopunk Time travel noir? Renaissance dystopia superheroes? Tell us! - Introduce your characters! (Obvs you can do this in as many sets as you like) who are they, what are their names, what do they do? What do you like or not like about them? - Give an idea of your setting(s): Is it a real place? Fantastical? Spooky? Is it Renaissance Germany? Futuristic Bangkok? What feelings, ideas, etc do you associate with it? What time(s) is your story set in? - Share your NaNo playlist! What songs inspire you? If your story was a movie, what would its soundtrack be? - If your story had one theme song, what would it be? Bonus: Imagine this song was playing during your storie's movie trailer: What does that trailer look like? - Talk about your antagonist: Is it a person? A force of nature? A genetically-enhanced poodle? An eco-terrorist? A cyborg doppelgänger Cinderella ? What is their motivation? - Explain your title, if you have one! - Is there one quote that inspires you or sums up the core of your story? Tell us about it and why it inspires you. - Theme: Do you have one? What do you think your story will ultimately about? The impossibility do get decent cheese in space? The meaninglessness of life itself and robotic relationships especially? The questions whether or not cows are philosophic? Tell us! - Spoiler us: What is the big twist coming to surprise all characters and readers? Is the friendly miller’s wife really an alien spy? Did your main character actually eat all the soylent green cookies and is transforming into a cannibalisitc superhuman? Was it the preacher’s dog who murdered the major by accident? Do your characters suspect anything? - Deaths: Who is going to die in your story? Is it 500 Pro-Marsian invaders, two prized pet turtles, a main character? - On a happier note: Food! Talk to us about food in your novel: Are there futuristic coffee shops in cyber-Bangkok or are absinthe infusions all the rage? Is your character’s vegan bff really a robot spy? How did your pirate crew stumble upon that sushi place? So many questions! - More inspiration: Found a pep talk you think is amazing? Share it! - Moodboards: need to try out if Pushing Daisies and steampunk really go together? Want to see what happens when Greek mythology meets decopunk noir? Trying to combine Mayan shapeshifters and romantic comedy? Imagining Red Riding Hood on a military space base? Share ALL your inspo boards! - Got stuck? Need ideas? Explain your dilemma and let us rush to the rescue! AND… Introducing the PLOT BUNNY EXCHANGE option: - Do you have cool ideas you can’t use this year, but that you don’t want to go to waste? Share them! If you would like to give them up for adoption, tell us, so a fellow NaNoer might use your idea instead! Have fun! Let's get writing! ♥
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