An incredible helpful member of the employability team from my Uni who has helped me with my CV has helped me to get a interview with the editor in chief of Schon Magazine! ASDFGHJKL O.O I've been trying for the past two weeks or so of trying to find a internship by emailing any magazine company I could get my hands on! But no such luck because you’re meant to apply really early, which I didn’t know and all placements are now filled. Feeling quite dishearten, but told myself to ‘carry on!’ and then I received the email from employability saying the editor would like to see me for a interview. 
I'm nervous already. Any tips and advice for interviews at magazines?! I would really appreciate it. 

I’ve gotten used to talking about my portfolio at fashion design related internships, so this will be different. I know a interview with a magazine, they’re going to want to direct questions at me and not talk about my portfolio. 
This set is for @ellchy89 
This is for you! Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a lovely time on your birthday!! Thank you for your support :) Much love, xoxox
PS: Sorry for my note at the top of your set, just needed to get that bit of news out :)
Thanks Polyvore for Top Sets on 10th July 2012! :)
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