I woke up to Sunday with a dude named Jax sprawled out on the vanity.

"Uhm" I giggled as I put my blanket over my undies and tank top.

"He's here to do our hair."

I nodded, turning over and trying to go back to sleep. I heard my phone vibrating, it was Nate.

"Hey." He said, clearly exhausted.

"Hello.. how are you?" I wondered as I rubbed my eyes.

"I'm fine. Exhausted. Tired. Frustrated. Nervous. Pissed off. Infuriated. Excited about prom?" He ranted.

"Yeah I'm excited. Nate. Don't be mad.. Owen. He. It doesn't even matter anymore." I whispered.

"He's still out there."

"I'm not worried about him.." I mumbled.

"That's your problem. You're never worried about anyone. Stop being so naive."

"Whatever Nate. I'm going talk to Sun."

"Do you think she told Owen where you were?" He asked.

"What?" I jumped.

"Think about it.. she didn't know that OWEN was the one who did it.. when we were in New York, NO ONE knew. I'm the only one who knows who did it.. so what if he called her... to 'see' how she was doing.. and asked her what we were all doing tonight.. maybe it was completely harmless.. but maybe that's how he found out."

"Sunday.. oh my God.. I have to talk to her."

"Yeah. Just see. If she says she talked to him. Then you know how he found out."

"Holy Shit." I mumbled.

"Word." He replied. "Well.. I'ma go take a shower.. Dash is running around the house like a fuckking idiot.. i've never seen the kid so hyper." He laughed.

"Pahah.. Look gorgeous, kay babe?" I giggled.

"Oh always. Always." He mocked as I hung up the phone..

"SUN!" I shouted as I ran in the bathroom.

"Whattup?" She wondered.

"You remember Owen? Owen Samuels?"

"Yep! He called me the other day.." She answered as she fumbled through her phone.

"Oh. My God." I sighed.

"What?" She seemed anxious.

"You know how that Owen showed up at the beach the other day?" I freaked.

"Mmhmm.. what about him?"

"SUNDAY! That's THE Owen."

"Oh my god."

"Yes Sun.. that's the Owen! He called you to see where I was.. oh my God."

"Why didn't you tell me HEEE was the one?" She screamed at me. "DAMMIT NOELLE YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME!"

"No.. you don't understand." I whispered, as I grabbed my hand.

"It's okay. Just. If he calls again. Don't answer."

"That assshole." She said in amazement.

"Exactly." I shook my head, screaming Chloe's name.. 


"What Noelle?" Chloe laughed as I plopped on her bed.

"You hungry?" I asked as I ate another carrot.

"Nel. Get. The. Carrots. Out. Of. My. Bed. Now." She screamed as she chased me down the hall...


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