Samatha was just about finished with studying her charms homework in the Ravenclaw common room.She looked toward the great grandfather clock.15 minutes until dinner,which was perfect.That gave her just enough time to talk to Vicky and Lila about Jon.

Samantha walked into her and Vicky's dorm.She found Vicky staring into the mirror studying her makeup,which was(of course and always) perfect.But Victoria never seemed to see it though.

"Hey Sammy."Vicky said, acknowlging Samantha."How is my makeup?"

"It's perfect,Vicky.Let's go find Lila,remember?"

Vicky widened her eyes and smiled coyly."Let's go."

The two Ravenclaws walked out into the common room,aquiring nearly everyone's interest as they headed out.

The two Ravenclaws started toward the Great Hall.They kept an eye out for Lila,one of their Skytherin BFF's.After a few minutes (and a few gawks from guys staring at the two beauty's)they spotted her.They walked up to each other and smiled devilishly.

 "So,have you heard about Jon?"asked Lila.

 "A little,"Samantha said."but not much.Give me the deets."

 "Well,basically,Jon wants you as much as you want him.He's slowly going crazy inside,just since you've left.Of course,you wouldn't know this,since he's fine now that your back."Lila said,rolling her eyes."I don't why he hjust doesn't get over himself and ask you out already."

 Samantha smiled.She had butterflies in her stomache,and felt a little lighter,like she was in the air on her broom,playing Quidditch."This is perfect."Samantha cooed as she got excited and happy looks from Vicky and Lila.

 "Don't get too excited Sammy."Lila warned."He's just over there,and if he knows this,than it will give him an excuse to play a game with you."
Samantha turned around to see him looking at her curiously,but then pretended to be looking off at something in the distance.She smiled.He smiled tyhat beautiful,devilish smile of his.She winked,catching him off guard.

Let the games begin.
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