For the contest "Guatemala"
I have used in the set a Frederick Catherwood litograph of a Mayan stela (a monument conmemoration a military victory, a reign, or just containing political propaganda). His "discovery" (Mayan people have always known they were there, obviously) of the ruins of some of the great Maya cities created quite a stir in Europe and the US. It took most of the 20th century to learn to read Mayan hieroglyphs, but now it is mostly decoded.
 It drives me mad when I see stories about "mysterious" endings of civilizations, not to mention possible alien intervention in them (when they mean extraterrestrials, not companies like United Fruit Company and the like, who were indeed able to end whole countries in their day).
The most recent explanation (2012, in "Science") for the decline of the Maya civilization is a two-hundred-year drought that tipped the already fragile equilibrium the cities had with their environment. Is there a reason to be learnt from over-explotation of a ecosystem that collapses a whole culture? Let me think...
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