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Intro for MNR! Supa late, I'm sorry :/

Name: Dahlia Elizabeth Grant 
Age: 21
Height: 5"7
From: Spring Valley, Nevada
Job Occupation: Part-Time Manicurist, Prostitute, and Aspiring Singer
Dahlia was born raised near the outskirts of Las Vegas. Her parents were killed in a 7/11 robbery when she was only three, and ever since has been living with her strict Catholic grandparents at a trailer park. At a young age, Dahlia was sneaking out with biker boys, and racing into the city of sin by sunset. Her grandparents weren't too happy with this, but before they could punish their rebellious granddaughter, she was out smoking cigarettes and drinking schnapps in front of the Bellagio. The second Dahlia turned eighteen, she booked a one way ticket to Venice Beach, and has lived there ever since. Truth be told, Dahlia came to LA for one reason: to become a singer. Ever since she was a little girl, Dahlia dreamed of being a chanteuse like the glamourous Billie Holiday, standing under a single spotlight in front of a roaring crowd. In the meantime, Dahlia's been lucky to pick up a few gigs here and there, along with her part-time stint as a manicurist. Dahlia's also picked up some other, more... dirty jobs in order to pay the bills. Ones that her grandparents definitely wouldn't approve of. Although for now, sleeping with sleazy politicians might just have to do until our little Dahl can become the next Nancy Sinatra. 
Mental Complex: Dahlia is perfectly mentally capable of being the badass chick she's always tried so hard to be. Despite being slightly embarrassed of her job as a call girl, she's one of the most open people you'll ever meet. Truth is, she just wants to live a normal life amongst the famous and fame-obsessed in the good 'ol city of angels. 
Model: Lana Del Rey


Hello darlings, I'm Dahlia. Named after the black-haired beauty who was brutally murdered in the 1940's. Ring a bell? Introduce yourselves, loves. Perhaps we can grab a blunt sometime?
xoxo -- D


I might write a story for this set... just to get to know her a bit more.
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