tuesday- 16 - the weather is hot and we get the school day off, so chuck bass and nate archibald broke into the school pool for a quick swimming party with drugs and alcohol. everyone will be there and remember to bring you cutest bikini and don’t forget to shave and wax! we don’t want to see any of that.

Katie Belle Portland

scent - emilio pucci - limited edition vivara black
mood - fun 
hair - bottom and second picture
nails - chanel - black satin
lips - benefit lip gloss - friends in high places
music - sean kingston - fire burning
food - nothing
drink - nothing
where - st jude/constance pool
with - everyone

I sneaked into the pool area with Ben. Nate had crashed the schools swimming pool with Chuck. As always everyone was there. I walked over to the chaise and dropped my tote onto it. Hmm. I sat down and watched as my friends were playing around. I seen Luke (sapphire’s boyfriend smack a ball back at my brother. He dodged it and it smacked Edward straight in the face. I burst out laughing. That would teach him for what he had done. He walked off to the other end of the pool grimacing. 
I pointed to his face and laughed more. It was tooo good to miss. I nudged Ben who burst out laughing at him. I swear Edward was a gay boy, or at least bi. He was looking at Nate a little to much. If Blair knew she’d kill him. I grinned. I might just tell her.
“Oi Kate” u turned to Sapphire’s voice. She was on Luke’s (her boyfriend) shoulders. 
“How ’bout a war!” she let out a yell and toppled backwards into the water.
I got off my chair, kicking off my sandals and pulling my kaftan over my head. I walked over to the edge of the pool.
“Game on Sapphire” I winked and did an arching dive into the pool.
“Ben come on I need you, to help me do this” I smiled and pulled him into the water as he reached me.
“We’re gunna trance you’re ass Chambers” Luke laughed at Ben and I. 
“Ohh you’re going down Sapphire” I laughed as we both jumped onto our boyfriends shoulders. We started to war it out, pushing and shoving. I nearly fell off twice but Ben held me on. 
“COME ON KATE!” I heard my brother shout from the poolside. I laughed and pushed Sapphire once more and she lost her balance and fell back. She surfaced awhile later with a smile on her. 
“How about we all have a go.” she asked as she climbed back up onto Luke’s shoulders.
“Yeah come on Zel” I smiled as she jumped into the water. Luke (my brother) jumped in after her. 
“Let the games begin” my brother smirked. Oh he was going down. Sapphire and I launched into pushing Zella to try and get her off my brothers shoulders. It took awhile but we did it, in the end Sapphire won. 
“Hey how about a game of volleyball?” Tula smiled and twirled the ball around her fingers.
“I’m in” I shouted as I swam over to her side of the net.
“Boy’s vs. girls” I heard my brother shout.
“We’ll take down you losers easily.” I laughed and go ready to play. 
We were winning when we heard someone yell cops. S’hit not again! I remember something like this happened last month. 
I swam to the pool edge and climbed out pulling my friends out with me. I ran grabbed all the bags, slipped my shoes on and ran to the back door with Zella and Sapphire. 
“Kate?!” Ben shouted for me. 
“I’ll meet you back at home, tell the boys to come with you” I smiled and quickly kissed him and ran out of there with my best friends. We jumped into a taxi and headed straight to my house. My mom wouldn’t mind.
“How close was that.. Again” Sapphire laughed.
“Too close” I giggled along with her and Zella was hiccupping. It was a sign that she was nervous. 
“The party was awesome though” I grinned and they both nodded. 
“We like to live on the edge” Zella laughed and I smiled back settling against the leather seats of the cab

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