saturday- 6 - first day on the slopes! everybody is spending the day outside, hitting the ski lifts and going down bunny slopes. if your brave, you might skip classes and head straight for the mediums, but if your not, you will be coached by famous snow boarder, shaun white. after wards, everyone is going out for dinner at a mexican resturaunt in the resort

Katie Belle Portland.


scent - thierry mugler angel
mood - annoyed but happy.
hair - like bottom picture.
nails - OPI brights nail polish - blue my mind
lips - chanel hydra base lipstick - vanity
music - animal - ke$ha
food - nothing
drink - nothing. mexican later 
where - slopes. (outfit is for the restaurant)
with - ben♥, zella, sapphire, luke squared(thanks tula), poison [; (aka edward)


I was in the resort room dancing around in my snow pants and bra. I couldn’t be bothered to get dressed any further, and I was on a little hype. I was rocking out as people would call it.
“Woah oh oh, can we get down, get down, get down! And drop the small talk!” I was dancing around my room with my hands in the air. Typical hyper mode.
I loved this song since I had just heard it before I left and forgot it was on my iPod.
I dived on the bed and started to dance around on it still shouting out the lyrics.
“Woah oh oh, can we get down, get down, get down! And drop the small talk! Woah oh oh, I can’t slow down, slow down, slow down.”
I was in the middle of trying to do an air guitar move when I heard a voice. I screamed so loud I fell off the bed with an oomph.
“Jesus, what did you go do that for?” I stared up at the person who clearly ruined my moment. 
“Awh baby I’m sorry. You did look awesome though” Ben laughed at me. 
“Whatever” I simpered and climbed to my feet. Wasn’t long before I was grabbed into his arms.
He laid a few kisses on my lips and looked at me as if to say am I forgiven. 
“Not yet, don’t forget you made me fall off the bed and you laughed at me.” I was having fun with this. I grinned despite myself.
He gave me a few more kisses and looked back up at me. I smiled and nodded my head. 
“You were playing with me weren’t you?!” he fake scowled at me
“Course not, I wouldn’t do such a thing” I laughed
“You liar, Katie Portland!” he shouted as he tackled me to the bed and proceeded to tickle my sides. 
“Ahhh Ben, STOP!” I screamed and wriggled around.
“NEVER!” he shouted back and straddled my hips. 
“Let meee gooo.” 
He bent down to give me a few kisses which stopped me fighting. It always would. I returned his kisses just as eager. His hands had travel up my sides to the back of my bra. Right here, right now, maybe. I broke away from the kiss to get air. 
“Oh shit. We just nearly broke the promise” Ben looked at me with a sorry look on his face.
“I don’t give a s’hit.” I sighed. “Ok fine we’ll wait till valentines day” I laughed and got up off the bed giving him a kiss, as I walked to the closet. Time to get ready, because if I didn’t I wouldn’t be the virgin mary any longer. I laughed at myself and grabbed a jacket and t-shirt.

"No sight of the dickhead." I said as I stomped over to Zella and Sapphire. "We checked the whole resort! He's not in his room either." I said as I crossed my arms over my chest. Ben and I had gone to look for the slime ball once we had both got over what nearly went on. 
"You can murder Edward another time, but now, let's go!" Sapphire cheered as we all ran up the hill.
"I don't get it!" Zella stammered out. Awh I was really gunna hurt the f’ucker when I got my hands on him.
"You just find your balance and glide down..." Luke spoke up. Zella and I cracked up. Clearly not on the same page.
"She means about Edward, stupid." I laughed at him. He replied by sticking his tongue out at me. I smiled and turned around about to challenge someone.
“There!” I heard my boyfriend shout. I looked up the see the scumbag. Oh he’s gunna get it.
"Imma show you a piece of my mind!" I shouted at him, punching my fists in the air. I heard them laughing behind me.
They’d laugh when I floored his a’ss. I smiled to myself as I carried on down the hill. 
“What a girl” I heard Ben and Luke squared crack up with laughter. My brother should be careful. I’ve punched him numerous times and he’s been left with bruises. I could easily give this little retard a black eye.
I felt myself being grabbed by my two best friends.
He was scowling and talking to Zella which I tuned out, I didn’t want to hear his pitiful whining. I heard Sapphire call him a stalker. Too true. I smirked at him. 
Then I heard Zella ending the relationship. Good for her. He doesn’t deserve her at all.
He dropped his board and he was off down the hill without a glance back. How could she have dated that thing. 
"YOU ARE DEAD JERK!" I shouted down the hill as we headed back up to the guys.
“Wow” was all we said. 

“Pass me another tortilla please” I said to Ben.
I added some meat and sour cream to it. I had a bowl full of cheese and I had added chips to them. This food was the best I had had in ages. 
I looked up at my brother who was sitting next to Zella, eating away on his tortillas. 
I noticed his eyes bulge suddenly. Ok something was going on underneath the table. I wonder if I looked slightly I wondered what I would see. I smirked to myself but decided against it since my brother had went back to eating normally.
Whatever had went down over there, it seemed to have ended.


read it ? [dropthesmalltalk-wink-]
the song if you're wondering is..
twenty twenty - get down
+ yes i'm addicted. badly. HMMM
Ok enough. -.-
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