๐Belinda Cecilia Grecco
Age: 19
Likes: Poetry, Museums, Classic literature, Animals, Tea, Honey, Playing violin, Painting, Sketching, Bicycles, Dancing, Italian culture
Dislikes: Arguing, Reality tv, Junk food, Cars, Keeping up with trends, Tattoos, Violence
Style: Simple, Quirky, Comfy sweaters, Sneakers, Knee highs, Mixed patterns, Sunglasses, Small bags 
Bio: The Grecco family has always nurtured creative outlets, so when Belinda dropped out of college to pursue poetry it was no big deal. Despite what the older and more traditional families might say about it, the Greccos have no problem with supporting their daughter. Belinda’s every whim is catered to on her parent’s estate. She wakes up at noon every day, spends hours at the beach, and stays up late sipping red wine with her best friends. While this lifestyle seems ideal to most, Belinda is ashamed. She wishes she were the starving artist type. When she meets other writers she lets them believe that she lives in a tiny apartment with three other people. Even Alejandro, her boyfriend of three months, is in the dark. Grecco is a common enough surname to trick everyone. Sure success would come easier if Belinda’s secret was known, but is that really the best way to gain notoriety? 
Storyboard: (DO NOT CREATE ONE YET. Because you do not know who your family members will be yet! After auditions are over, your storyboard will be your introduction set!)
Model: Anne Sophie Monrad
Taken: @haute-and-about

I still remember the first time he called me his dolcezza. The way his thick Spanish accent tripped over the syllables. We were three weeks in, browsing a fruit stand in Grotto Square. That was the moment I fell in love with Alejandro. It was too early to announce that realization, it’s probably still too early. So I’ll just have to keep that secret, along with a couple of others. I still think about that day. I think about how exhilarating it felt. I think about how I didn’t say anything back, I just blushed and picked up another bunch of grapes. I pretended that I was interested in whether or not they were seedless, I pretended I didn’t hear Alejandro, I pretended that I didn’t notice it was his first time using a pet name, I pretended a lot of things. 

Back then my lies hadn’t really started. It wasn’t my fault if he assumed I wasn’t loaded. At that point he hadn’t asked to go back to my place yet, at least not really. He dropped hints that he was tired of us always being at his apartment, but they were easy to brush off. Things didn’t really get tricky until the two month point. I had started leaving my toothbrush at Alejandro’s, and he didn’t even know what street I lived on. I made up a story; I told him that I had a ton of roommates and that they hated company. I really do live with a bunch of people, I just happened to be related to all of them. 

Nothing has gotten easier in the past month. The lies have grown and have been told to even more people. Whenever we go out I have to park my Lamborghini ten blocks away. I even keep a change of clothes in my backseat because I can’t risk him seeing me in a dress that cost more than he makes in a year. It’s not like I get some kind of sick pleasure from lying to the boy, I’m just in too deep. He’d never look at me the same if he knew I was just some spoiled little rich girl.
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