I need caffeine!!!

I like energy drinks, coca cola, dr. pepper and lot of coffe pro day. :D
I usually drink in every morning 2-3 mug of coffe. At the school or before the school I drink 1 energy drink. Rarely I drink 2 energy drinks :D At home I drink a lot of cola :D Usually 1,5-2 liter cola pro day....
Hmmm, I think I have really caffeine dependence :D Very good :D
I don't know why have I this text to describe... :D Good gosh...
(Sorry for the bad englis :D)

Two comments

Wrote three years ago
Great collection!!

Wrote three years ago
If you ever try to stop caffeine and you get a headache, then you have a dependence on caffeine, but most people do (I do).


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