Holding Out for a Hero//Bonnie Tyler
Hope you all had a nice Easter! I ate so much CHOCOLATE.

Prince Caspian is so pretty. 
why is Prince Caspian so good looking???

oh and this set is for @clubcloud3,hope you like it!

want a disney set? http://www.polyvore.com/who_wants_disney_movie_set/set?id=75043294
I was tagged by the lovely: @intheowlery
(Thank you!! i love being tagged!)

Name: sweethope1999 

Favorite Color: PINK! 

Age That You Want To Be: 5 years old.

Favorite Zoo Animal: hippo!

Favorite Letter(s): Z && S,i don't know why,i just do...

Favorite Word: Bob.

Polyvore Members You've Met in Real Life: i have met no one in real life.....

Person/ People You Love: God,my family,my friends && my pets..

And that is all for now!
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