lately I’ve been having these pangs of thought that could be described as existential dread where I’m like “hey you’re never going to live a worthwhile life you’re not gonna make a difference truly what are you going to do, right now you’re not doing enough and there are so many people doing much better than you and you’re wasting your time away and you’re not doing good enough and you need to be a person by taking more challenges and getting ahead in life and volunteering and getting a better job even though you’re mentally ill- which is also bullsh*t how could you be such a whiney pissbaby- and you’re never gonna do anything novel or worthwhile, you crave such amazing things but they cannot flourish with your mediocrity” 

but then like two minutes later it just goes away and I get a thought, usually involving food like this pasta right now is delicious, and then I’m okay until it comes back later but eh

♡ ♡ ♡

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