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“Whiskey on the rocks.” I ordered from the bartender as I sat down. No, I was not doing bingo even if there was a minor chance I'd run into a GILF. Grandma I'd love to f.ck. Hey, I had no age discriminations against hotness... anyhow, some gay looking dude was staring me down as if he were trying to place me - or check me out. Both worked.
“What?” I asked.
“Nothing. I just know your girlfriend.” he shook his head.
“Great. I can’t even get a goddamn drink without running into some guy she’s fu.cked.” I groaned. 
He raised his brow at me. “Yeah well I'm sure she feels the same way. But I didn’t sleep with her.” 
“….you didn’t?” I asked him.
“I don’t sleep with girls I'm not dating.” he said matter-of-factly.
I couldn't help but laugh at what he'd said. The guy gave me a serious glare and I stopped.
"Dude, you- you're serious about that?" I asked him.
He nodded, "You're surprised?"
"Doesn't that get lonely with just you and your hand?" I chuckled, catching the drink the bartender slid down the row.
"You're probably one of those guys who'd f.ck a whole in the wall. Am I right?"
"That's offensive man. I wouldn't f.ck a wall, it doesn't move. I like a little participation you know..." I smirked as I downed my drink. "I'm Bentley."
"Derek." he raised his eyebrow suspiciously.
I slammed my hand on the bar to get the bartender's attention.
"Two Whiskey's. One for me and one for my friend Derek." I told him.
Derek stared at me, "I'm your friend?"
"You didn't f.ck my girlfriend, yet I'm sure you had every chance. You seem like a cool guy." I shrugged, spinning my empty glass in circles with my palm.
"So I'm a friend because I didn't f.ck your girlfriend?" he wondered.
"Man, I'm offering to buy you a drink. Why over-analyze shit?"
“Good point.” he said as he downed his glass.
“So if you don’t sleep with girls your not with then how long has it been?” I asked semi- interested. He looked slightly uncomfortable.
“Yeah…I don’t always follow my rules unfortunately….” he admitted.
“Well that’s understandable. They’re like the worst rules ever.” 
“How come? In my experience sex just complicates things unless you actually like the girl.” 
I laughed with a smirk, “And in my experience the best sex is usually with someone you don’t like.” 
“So then you don’t believe in real relationships?” he asked.
I shook my head, “I'm in a real relationship. I’ve been with Ave for two years.” I said hailing down the bartender for more drinks.
“And you and Averie. What you have together works? You’re both happy? Because you didn’t seem so excited about the possibility that I had fu.cked her….”
"Look, I care a great deal about Averie. She's happy, and I'm happy." I nodded. I wasn't so sure how Averie was feeling about it anymore.
The bartender came around once more, setting the refilled drinks on the table again.
"Keep these coming." Derek smirked.
I slapped him on the back, "That's the spirit."
"Hey, you're buying." he laughed, raising his glass.
"Of course." I raised mine and tossed it back.
He did the same, then glanced at me, "But it's been two years. Don't you love her?"
I sighed as I knew this question was coming. Staring straight ahead I shook my head, "I have strong feelings for her, but I don't lover her."
"You don't?"
"I can't do something I don't believe in."
"So you don't believe in love?" he asked me.
"Not one bit. I mean, Averie says she loves me almost every day now." I said, not sure if it was to myself or to Derek,
"She probably believes that too. And one day when she finds that guy who'll tell that back to her then she'll leave me. Because Averie shouldn't love me. I'm a mess, I'm f.cking mental!"
"Well we're all a bit crazy.." Derek chuckled.
I shook my head, "No, man. I'm insane. I have a mental illness and I'm trying to find the right meds that work, every day is a struggle. I just don't want to bring her into that, you know? It's a lot to handle. She doesn't deserve that."
“Now this is coming from someone who’s whole upbringing told him that true love exsists, but you don’t choose who you fall in love with. And shouldn’t you let Averie decide what she does or doesn’t deserve? If she loves you she loves you.” he shrugged.
“She thinks she loves me.” I corrected.
“So then all the couples who were together their whole lives. Even if they just thought they were in love. Isn’t that worth it?” 
“I don’t know.” I said as I downed my drink. We were about to get really wasted…”have you ever been in love?” 
“Yeah. I have.” he swallowed.
“And how’d that work out for you?” 
He laughed, “Honestly? It crashed and burned. But I still wouldn’t give it up.”
"You. Are f.cking nuts. You know that right?" I snorted, inhaling the last of my 5th or maybe 6th drink in the past 20 minutes.
He shrugged, "Or maybe I'm just someone who doesn't give up easily."
I was about to respond to his messed up theory when someone threw an empty plastic cup at the back of my head. 
"Who the f.ck was that?" I turned around in my chair.
Some drunk looking meat head standing around with a couple of equally dumb looking idiots raised his hand and laughed, "Dude! I'm sorry man."
"You don't look f.cking sorry! Come over here man. I will f.ck you the f.ck up!" I shouted.
Derek stared at me like I had two heads, "Whoa, calm down. What the hell is wrong with you?"
I knew I was having one of my anger mood swings and I couldn't control it. I groaned, standing up, "You're f.cking ass.holes are lucky this guy is right here or else I'd come over there and f.cking stick this broken chair leg up your ass!"
"Try it!" one of the drunken idiots yelled.
"Bentley, sit down. What's with you?" Derek eyed me as I sat back down.
"F.ck those asses. Man I told you!" I pushed an empty beer mug off the table, causing it to slam to the ground. "I'm sorry, you were saying...?"
“You know I don’t even remember anymore.” he said laughing a little. 
All of a sudden one of the jersey-shore wannabe’s came up glaring at me.
“You wanna piece of this?” he asked. Seriously, who even said that? But was getting pissed at this ass.hole. I wanted this idiot to leave me the hell alone. Tonight was not a good night, I could tell as I started gripping the bar turning my knuckles white.
“Leave him alone man. Seriously.” Derek said in a low tone.
“Or what?” the guy laughed along with his friends. Derek stood up and looked him down. He was a good three inches taller.
“Or nothing. “he said simply. The guy shook his head and started to leave so Derek sat back down but then out of nowhere he turned to lunge at me. Derek was up like a shot slamming his fist against his face as I sucker-punched the other one. They both went down and I looked over at Derek.
“Impressive.” I nodded as he shook out his hand.
“Same.” he smirked.
“You know you didn’t have to do that…”
 He shrugged. “I don’t let anyone mess with my free drinks.”
“You know you’re not all that bad, love delusions aside.”I smirked.
He laughed and grabbed the bottle of whiskey from behind the bar pouring us both a drink.“And you’re not that bad either, insanity and whorish tendencies aside.” he said sliding me a glass. 
“I’ll drink to that.”
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