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lol awkward set title. 


Name: Elizabeth Marie Carlton
Style: School girl preppy hipster, think Aria Montgomery meeting Blair Waldorf. 
Likes: Sketching, writing, reading, drinking coffee, shopping, being photographed and photography as well. 
Dislikes: Those cookie cutter, mean, backstabbing models, even though she knows that the Chanel Society is full of them. 
Bio: Elizabeth Marie Carlton had a tough childhood. She grew up in a community where kids would get raped, gangs would do things and get in trouble. She loved her dad very much, because she had the sense of protection when she was with him. One day, her father said that Elizabeth was pretty enough to be a model. Not knowing that that was actually going to happen, Elizabeth thought that the idea was just impossible. Elizabeth was never popular, infact, all of the girls at her junior high school bullied her. Sometimes Elizabeth would have to eat her lunch in the school bathroom stall so she didn't have to face them. She was different, she was the artsy kind, who was full of ideas and imagination, and loved putting her own flair into her style instead of being those cookie cutter preppies at her school. After all, she was bullied for having indescribable beauty, with long legs, rare pale white-blonde hair, a perfect complexion, and fierce ice blue eyes. Then, the only person she loved, her father, passed away. Her father had committed suicide. Elizabeth died inside. Elizabeth felt as if it was her fault. She grew cold and isolated herself and wrote all her feelings and drew in her leather bound notebook. As she grew, she began to forgive herself for something that she never did. Elizabeth wanted to do something. Feeling lonely, lost, and unprotected, Elizabeth decided to move to New York with the money she had made by working as a waitress. She wants to pursue her dream in modeling, to make her father proud, and to get revenge at everyone who under-estimated her. Get ready world, because Elizabeth is here to conquer by storm. 
Model: Ginta Lapina
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