Crashdiet - Down with the dust 
Hi dear girls, hope you're all having an amazing weekend, mine was boring....xD 
I wanna dedicate this set to some nice friends @milla-starinac @kariika @becksd78 @magic-789 @sssdmr @anashe & @de-si-ree :) Thanks for the gift sets and the support! :D
Now, it's tag time =] I was tagged by my dear @lisamichele-cdxci ! This set is for you too sweetie~ !!! :) 

1.What do you want to be when you grow up?
- I guess I'd like to do something with fashion, and stuff like that :) 
2. Ocean or mountain? - Mountain :D I've never been to an that's why I love mountains more :DD
3. City or country? - City, absolutely! :) More fun, more things to do in :D
4. Dogs or cats? - aww I love them both.. ^-^ But I'll say dogs :D I want a labrador =] 
5.Name three personal heroes/heroines. - My mom, my dad and....Mary. :) 
6.Name a book you are embarrassed to admit you have never read. - hah...there are probably a lot of that kind xD 
7. Do you fear the Zombie Apocalypse? - haha no! xD
8.Name your favorite color. - I love blue, black is my favorite and I love crimson...stuff like that :) 
9.Do you have any thoughts on the meaning of life that you would like to share? - Life is beautiful . =] 
10. If you were to set out on an adventure, what would it be? What would you need to take with you? - I love adventures, I'd love any kind of it, but ofc not very creepy and dangerous xd I'd take some notebook so I can write stories, and probably more food xD
11. What should your parents have named you that they didn't? - I love my name, it's unique and pretty =] 
1. What is the one thing people would never think of you: hah..who knows...xD I'm shy....
2. Coffee or tea or neither? - I prefer tea :) I don't drink coffee 
3.Do You have A Sweet Tooth? - agree, chocolate xD
4. What color are your eyes? - brown :) 
5. Favorite TV Show? - I love Beverly Hills 90210, the old one :)) And my favorite tv programme is TLC, any show there is awesome :D 
6. Do you believe in life after death ? - Yes, I do. 
7. Do you wear your heart on your sleeve? - sometimes :P 
8. Favorite vacation spot? - I love Montenegro :)) I'd love to go in Italy, Capri or somewhere there :D 
9. Bright colors or neutrals? - I love black, I don't like bright colors...Only basics and stuff like that :P 
10. Circus OR Cirque du Soleil? - don't have an opinion :P 

I enjoyed doing it, everyone who wants to do it - DO IT :) 
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