Friday May 28- School wide dance because we have a long weekend so enjoy.
It was a rough week. Mallorie could not deny that. The school dance was a welcomed distraction from the reporters, police officers and nightmares. She could dress up and put on a nice pair of heels, dance with the boy she loved and spend time with her friends as well. Blues looking around to seek out a Nightingale and she smiled, stepping closer to Cameron as they danced.

He claimed he had no sense of rhythm but Mallorie would deny that even if he shuffled back and forth with this sort of thing he had rhythm in other activities (winkwink). Her head rested on his chest with her arms around his middle. The slow music had her eyes drifting closed but she heard a bit of a commotion over the music. Her eyes open to see Carr running in with her hand waving.
The lights were dim but she seen a glint off a finger. Her bottom lip bitten but she tried to be supportive. Smiling quickly and going over to congratulate her.

She returned to Cameron after a short bit, meeting him at the refreshments table. Looking up at him with a tip of her head as he lifted her hand and pressed a kiss to her hand. Right over the sapphire ring she had been given on their first anniversary. A promise. Nearly two years later she still thought of him whenever she looked down at it.

Mallorie came closer to him, leaning against him. Her 21st birthday would be in August.. Looking forward to anything he might have planned. It was good to think of the future as it kept her from thinking about the recent past. The present wasn't so bad though. Tips her head back to look up at him, "Want to go?" They had danced to several songs, she even danced with Zooey and a couple other sisters and Knights.
She had a good time. Now she wanted to be with him. Smiling when he nodded, her small hand slipped in his to walk out of the ballroom...
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