Needle & Thread in a Haystack

I saw one set of this artist, stylist and had to bring him to everyone's attention. the ease to which I suspect him can put items, colors, and shapes together is near to ideal for a Magazine Editor, a Museum Director or a person like me whom loves what he does
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  • The charmer
    "which one is the charmer, the bubbled one, being released, by what, why? butterfly as already responded or a helper of our hand, the light , 4 diffusion's, dimensions? Easily a piece to view for hours wish upon, dream, be." — leotajane
  • Love is hell
    "all the conflict occurring, hearts, weapons, fading into same column of language. A girl & her upward stare, waiting for what to happen change, is it good or just bad to the bone, cupid in pink ironic. All the while she could be washed away into nothing" — leotajane
  • Making Friends on Holiday
    "sunbathing on the sun, in relaxed pauses between solar flares and swirls, the yellow is giving us pathways to other areas, easy traveling here, detail of people just plain letting the hues all mesh together best vacation ever" — leotajane
  • Abstract face
    "1 of a kind, yellow, giving me a cacophony of surreptitious images, step back, (?) finally comes in view, built w/ sweepings. Looking for meaning in 1's life, in each piece are we that myopic, I see something for me here" — leotajane
  • Georgia O’Keeffe
    "it's the color the captures one on this piece. Georgia O'Keeffe had a true pure relationship with color even her NY pieces drew upon that, colored objects in artistic eyes. this piece stirs those together, the pale pink, mustard orange with texture love" — leotajane
    "the color contrast runs the gamet in texture, clothing, accessories, and the set is equally artistic to equally fashionable." — leotajane
  • Willem de Kooning
    "I love yellow, mustard, ochre, it's a rich color and mixed with poppy makes a new love of color couples, the tote is a stange grey jade mix and nude shoes with gold as a present I would wear this whenever I could" — leotajane
  • .
    "more oxblood & green to enjoy. with a bit of provoking images to your brain wrapped around such an piece, love the neutral black and skulls to bring it all together patterns, colors, provocative imagery powerful" — leotajane
  • Timothy Cummings
    "a perfect balance of art & fashion. The colors all match together, the colors oxblood & green bonded by the cream is just delicious, the oxblood shoes, and necklace are just the right amount of color then polka dots for a touch of chaos. +10 leotajane" — leotajane
  • .
    "Fashion, Art, Clash, Compliment, Choreographed, Simple walking right into the halls of very complex. A layered Renaissance man." — leotajane

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Wrote two years ago
Thank you for adding my set and a great review,right in the middle! :)


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