Happy Saturday,

Wednesday's OOTD was a surprising mix of old favorites, fresh out of the box newbies, one neglected sweater, and a long lost pair of pants.

The brown sweatercoat is my only surviving piece of Orla Kiely clothing. I have sadly neglected this short sleeved, boxy grandma cardigan, edged in blue crochet. 

Anthro's Hot Pursuit Trousers were happily discovered hanging out in the spare room closet. I was completely surpised to find they fit perfectly. A Leifsdottir 2008 release, machine wash, tumble dry, velvety smooth, Cotton blend, infused with style, and a forgiving fit. LOL! If only Leifsdottir would revisit the archives. Hmmm...navy, black, olive green, perhaps a denim version. Please and thank you very much....hint, hint!

Anthro's Meteorology Necklace looks as good as the day I received it almost 4 years ago. Not a speck of tarnish on 14K gold filled hand wrapped head pins. I miss Anthro jewelry like this. While I was examining this necklace last night, I discovered that what Anthro described as smokey quartz is in fact faceted Labradorite briolettes. Some Geologist I am. The two focal point gems are Amethyst (purple) and Prynite (green). The old product shot does not do this necklace justice. It was originally $128, I picked it up on pop back for $50. You could not touch a piece like this for under $250 today. It carries no identifying tag. This is an Anthro 'Made in the USA' design.

The Meteorology necklace prompted me to order the Swelled Sentiment Earrings in Amethyst. These earrings are classic Anthro, made from gemstone quality Amethyst, 14K gold fill and 'Made in the USA.' The same quality construction and design as the necklace. When you consider the materials these outshine Anthro's $32 imported brass, glass, or acrylic resin offerings. Completely worth an additional $16 in my book.

I was instantly smitten by the pairing of my long neglected Orla Kiely sweater and Anthro's Marjorie Heels by Christofoli. An amazing combination! I didn't recognize the similarities until a fellow employee pointed it out. Am I blind?

I live to wear my Schuler and Sons Suffolk Crossed Heels. I have worn them more than any other shoe in my closet since they arrived. Like always, I treated them with water proofing. We have been pounded by rain storms for 3 days. After lunch yesterday I discovered the light tan leather is discolored with water stains. Is there a treatment for this? Sizes are running out, should I suck up and order another pair? These are a must have for me. I don't think I will wear them as is. Perhaps only with pants. I'm sick about this.

On Wednesday I picked up my Schuler and Sons Stacked Strap Heels after having them stretched. I tried them on immediately after I arrived home. I'm confused! They don't feel any different. Should I take them back? Perhaps they never stretched them? If I wear them long enough will I notice a difference? 

I am pretty upset about both pairs of shoes. Any suggestions? 

Dear Nefi had me up all night last Saturday helping her pack all those baskets. I haven't caught up on my sleep yet. Thus I have subjected you to the longest PV description ever.

Thanks for listening to my excitement and disappointments. You all classify as my BFF's.

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Wrote 4 years ago
@geoincalifornia - This whole collection of cuties is so cute!. I have never taken shoes to get stretched. I am assuming they did their best? I have no clue. I would def. take them back again. I have seen some videos on you tube on how to shrink shoes. Maybe they have advice on how to stretch them. As to the water treatment I had a pair of shoes like that and had to get rid of them. As well as one of my favorite handbags. Maybe a condtioner??
I love Amethyst. It's my Birthstone :) This whole outfit is adorable and I likey! The sweatercoat is so cute and matches the handbag which totally compliments it.
Hope you get some rest. I am sure Nefi appreciated the help! And I love your little stories. No worries. Love your PV stories :) Have a great Monday :)

Wrote 4 years ago
That sweater coat is amazing!!! I love how you styled it with the neutral pants, colorful tee, and the I WANT THAT BAG turquoise Orla Kiely. Great price on that beautiful necklace. You are a stylin PVBFF. :)

Wrote 4 years ago
@modernmomx4 I thought $8 was remarkably cheap to stretch shoes. It occurred to me that they might be starting out slow and working towards a small fortune by stretching them a hair every two days. In two weeks they will have made $48 with no end in sight. LOL! I had so idea what results to expect. But I thought it would at least be noticeable.
I only know my favorite minerals, for everything else I need a book. Labradorite is the only mineral that has it's very own easily recognizable characteristic known as Labradorescence. It looks like a flat glowing blue plane bisecting the stone. The round briolettes are just a few mm wide. But I recognized that flash of blue in an instant. I can't tell you how many times I have sat and straightened the headpins in that necklace, but never under a bright light.

Wrote 4 years ago
@madped I know there are Summer pants hidden away in y closets from 2008 2009 that will fit. Most will be Linen, which I don't really ind wearing, it's slaving away with an iron that doesn't thrill me. There really isn't anything else of importance in those closets. I have sold off anything of value, but kept pants. Hay, it's hard to find a good pair that fits.




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