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Go to urbandictionary.com and type in your answers to the following questions.
Post the first definition it gives you.
1.) Your name?
Laura - meaning 'from the laurel flower' a beautiful name, in fact one of the best names ever. 

2.) Your Age?
14 The age of sexual consent in CANADA. When you turn 14 you can be f*cked.

3.) One of your friends?
Shannon - The coolest person in the world.

4.) What should you be doing? 
Chilling - hanging, doing nothing

5.) Favorite Color?
Blue - The hue of the portion of the visible spectrum lying between green and indigo, evoked in a human observer by radiant energy with wavelengths of approximately 420 to 490 nanometers.
6.) Birthplace?
Dewsbury - Home of the chavs. Dewsbury is a small town containing a massive amount of chavs mainly living in the Dewsbury Moor area. The rest of the population is asian 1% are other. So if youre from Dewsbury youre basically either a chav or asian or in most cases BOTH. Mainly known for the Shannon Matthews case.
7.) Month of your birth?
July - A month when mostly the hottest girls are born

8.) Last person you talked to? 
jasmin - a term used for something extremely beautiful.
9.) Your favorite sport?
Rugby - game that only real men play, not like those p.u.ssy football players. No pads, rougher tackles, alot more fun.

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