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Name and Number: Nephelle Eldridge, 113
Age: 21
Years playing: 1 
Weapon: Small silver dagger

Bio: Nephelle lived in a small town on the coast near Lecce, Italy. People in small towns usually don't get picked to go into the Compound, just because the chances are so slim, but Nephelle was one of those unlucky ones. She was picked to replace one of the former replacements (who died of starvation) for the original 50. She was taken from her bed at night, dressed, and given enough water and other necessities to last just a month, no more, and probably less. Back home, she had no one except for her best friend and her father-like boss, who both calmed her when she went into a rage. Nephelle always had a tough time controlling her temper, which would definitely be either a challenge or a blessing in the Compound. 
 She had a tough time starting out in the Compound, eating and drinking too much of her provisions and not taking enough care, but she learned slowly, made and broke a couple of alliances, but now is currently on her own. Her goal is to eventually work her way into the tight-knit alliance of the original four, the ones that gather and lend out supplies from the old abandoned hospital. 

Personality: Living in her old town, Nephelle was very solitary and didn't talk to many people, keeping to herself. Before, she had worked at the bookshop, stocking the books and "approving" them, often reading on the job instead of working. The owner of the bookshop was as close to a father as Nephelle had, as her family had died when she was young. Nephelle was cunning, and once she was taken into the Compound, she would sneak into other people's camps and sneak a bit of food or other supplies that she couldn't get on her own. She had a fierce temper too that often got the best of her. She has a rebellious side as well, that sometimes shows in the Compound. 

Special skills: Can throw her dagger with deadly accuracy after training with it for weeks on end, and she's also fast. She's small, but can conceal herself easily and fit into tight spaces. 
Model: Zooey Deschanel
Username: lumos-mockingjay
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