Hai guise. I've tried quite a few of the Neutrogena face cleansing products and decided that I would give you an overall review of the face cleansing line and specifically what I've experienced.

- make-up remover towelettes
- make-up remover soft pads
- daily cleansing towelettes (grapefruit)
- deep cleansing oil control towelettes
- one step gentle cleanser 
* as you can tell, i go to neutrogena for pretty much all of my face cleansing needs. however, it doesn't necessarily make them the best...


{ make-up remover towelettes and pads }
These have a nice soft feel to them, and they don't smell bad or good, but I noticed that the pads dried up SUPER quick, which is annoying. One thing is, they do get the makeup off really well. The pads are better for eye makeup, and the towelettes for your whole face.

{ daily cleanser [ grapefruit ] }
I really liked the idea of this when I bought it, but I felt like it left a residue on my face, even though it claims you don't need to rinse. Also, the smell got annoying after a while, and kind of too strong.

{ deep cleansing oil control towelettes }
i just got these because i've been having some acne/oil issues, and so far i'm impressed. they barely have a scent, which I like, and they leave just a small feeling of residue. it gets all of my makeup off, and cleans my pores really well.

{ one step gentle cleanser }
i bought this partially because it looked neat, and because i'm lazy and like the idea of makeup remover and face cleanser in one. it didn't really work out that way though. it didn't always get all of my makeup off, especially not mascara, and my face still felt dirty, so...


price; 9/10 ; you're generally getting a really good deal with these, considering the quantity and quality

overall ; 8.5/10 ; i would give this whole face cleansing line an 8.5 just because i did find some imperfections with some of the products, but i have in no way, shape, or form tried all of the products, and these are just my opinions on how they reacted to my face.

love always, and happy cleansing! ♥

sarah // @summerlove-sarah

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