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[Apparently putting the words dirty and mind together makes the polybot cry -.- also had this written since tuesday but my editor hated me -.-]

Serena Daniels; Monday

I strode into daddy’s office building, little clear lunchbox placed inside my handbag. No one even batted an eyelash as I passed, more than used to my presence in the building. I did however catch some of the male’s, and even one or two females, staring at me but I paid them no attention. I had a target in mind.

I stopped outside daddy’s office and ducked my head in, noticing that it was empty. So I knocked on the door next to his. Opening it when I was told to come in, though not before rearranging my dress, or rather pulling it down to showcase my boo.bs.

“Serena.” Jason, daddy’s second in command, said in surprise as he looked up, “What can I do for you.”

“I was bringing my dad lunch,” I told him with a charming smile, pulling the container out of my bag to show him, before pushing it back in “But I can’t seem to find him.”

“Oh, he has a meeting. Didn’t he tell you?” Of course I knew, which was exactly why I’d picked now to visit. I would never otherwise willingly visit daddy.

“No. I wanted to surprise him.” I pouted trying to look as disappointed as I could. It took all of my considerable acting ability.

“I’m sure he’ll be done soon,” Jason told me kindly. He was so nice, which would make seducing him all the harder but I liked a challenge. The fact he’d been working here four months and hadn’t fallen into bed with me in the first week made him a challenge. Some people pretended to have morals, but no one really did.

“Oh.” I walked further into the office. Sitting on one of the chairs placed round a circular table, “I really wanted to do something nice for him.” I elaborated, pointedly crossing my legs. He barely even noticed.

“You could leave it on his desk if you wanted. Or in the fridge if it might spoil.” He kept his eyes on my face, and casually like he legitimately wanted to look there and wasn’t forcing himself to. This might be harder than I expected.

“I wanted to give it to him myself though.” I shifted so my dress rode higher up my thigh. Still no reaction.

“Well you’re welcome to wait, though you don’t have to waste your day, really I’m sure he understands.” He said with a smile. This was not going at all to plan.

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to try anything else because at that moment daddy stuck his head into the room, “Jason I have to - Serena.” He said, breaking into a smile when he finally saw me, “What a surprise, what are you doing here?”

“Visiting you of course.” I said with a smile, standing up quickly.

“Have lunch with your daughter.” Jason told daddy with a knowing, fond little smile, “Talk to me after.” Damn if that man wasn’t so hot the morality might be a turn off. 

“Alright.” Dad said, holding the door as I walked past though looking surprised.

“What are you doing here?” He asked me again when I was seated in the chair opposite his desk.

“I brought you lunch.” I said, pulling the container out and setting it on the desk in front of him. Really I hadn’t mad it, Rosalie the cook had. 

“Oh. Thank you.” He said looking completely taken aback and a little suspicious. I suppose he had the right though it was out of character. And would not be happening again.

“I just missed you,” I smiled widely and very fakely at him. He didn’t notice however and smiled back, thankfully seemingly forgetting how out of character it had been.

“I missed you to Princess.” He said, holding the container up and looking into it. I wasn’t even sure what it was but that man was to easy to manipulate.

“What were you talking to Jason about?” He asked curiously.

“Just looking for you.” I shrugged offhandedly.

“Well he’s coming for dinner. With his wife and daughters today.” Daddy mentioned conversationally. Jason had daughters? Well that might explain his reluctancy, and the honour.

“I’m going out tonight. Remember.” I risking an eye roll because he wasn’t looking at me, “The Cellar Rats concert.” I sighed.

“Oh. I don’t want you going to that.”

“Daddddyyyy you already agreed.” I pointed out with a pout

 “Yes well, I changed my mind.” He said, hands on the desk and looking at me sincerly, “I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

“I’m a big girl.” I scoffed, “I can take care of myself.”

“I don’t want to risk it.” He placed a hand over my earnestly but I just snatched mine up off the desk.

“Whatever.” I huffed before having an idea, “What if I take Sebastian?” I asked.

“Well sure.” Daddy said, wanting to make me happy but also because he was almost certain Sebastian wouldn’t agree. I knew better of course, “If you can get him to agree.”

“Thank you daddy, you’re the best.” I smiled brightly, jumping up, kissing him on the forehead and practically skipping out of the office.

The second I was out of the office I stopped skipping and pulled out my phone, dialling my brothers number. Predictably he answered after the second ring.

“Sebastian. Come to the Cellar Rats concert with me tonight.” I said before he had the chance to say hello.

“Serena. No way.” He scoffed and I bet he was rolling his eyes as well, “Not going to happen.”

“Of course it is.” I said cheerily, strutting back through the open office flaw towards the lift.

“Serena you couldn’t make me go if it was the only place safe from a zombie apocalypse.” He said cockily.

“Oh yea?” I asked sweetly, “Come with me or I’ll tell Daddy about Jake Cain.” I said sweetly and not without the smugness I was entitled to.

“You wouldn’t.” He said, cockiness gone and sounding rattled. 

“Try me,” I said confidently, “But you don’t want to risk it.”

“Alright fine. But know I will find something on you one day so you can no longer use that on me.” He said grumpily. He’d been saying that still high school.

“I look forward to the day.” I shrugged though he couldn’t see me, “I have to go. Places to be people to see.” I said airily, getting ready to hang up, though I couldn’t resist one more jab before I did “but remember you’re the best brother ever!”
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