Happy b-day @caddyqueen <3 You're not that much around here these days (months) but I still remember you and I hope you're having a nice day <3

For the second cuarter of 2014 contest http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/contest.show?id=503231

1 - The best one for me (although the photo on the set is not that big) was B2ST with "Good Luck"

2 - Taeyang!!!!! Finally his album was dropped with the title song "Eyes, Nose, Lips"

3 - 2ne1 did their promos for "Gotta Be You"

4 - VIXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D They had their 2nd win with Eternity

5- EXO "Overdose" that's all day in my mind ~

6 - BAP with "Where are you? What are you doing?" such a smooth and perfect song

 I'm a Blackjack, VIP, B2UTY, BABY and Starlight and all of them had their comeback this second quarter... IT WAS PERFECT <3

Let me do a tag too!
I was tagged by @muzikgurl here http://www.polyvore.com/boom-clap_sound_my_heart/set?id=128244628

1-----My Non Korean crushes:

Leonardo di Caprio
Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day
Channing Tatum
James Franco
Ryan Gosling
Justin Timberlake

2-----(only using one person per)
First crush – Taeyang
Baby Daddy – Suga
Husband – Youngaje
My number one bias -- Kikwang
Use to dislike – CNU
Break your heart – SE7EN (I need him back!)
Looks good with shirt off – Daesung
Can pull of any look – G-Dragon
Who makes you giggle – Hongbin
Sing you a song – Yoseob
Star in a drama – Doojoon
Perform on stage with – Yongguk
To work together – Teddy
To confess his love – Chen
Be your best friend – Daehyun
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