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You have to list all your dreams / ambitions, no matter how outrageous.
First off,I think some of my dreams already happened but some are not y.t

1.I want to play baseball (for major league,nation league)since i was young,i'm so proud of this since i make my dream come true.till now it's already 8 years in a field.

2.Working on a field of Engineer/Architect 
I’m graduated from Engineering and on my last year of (Master) Architecture studies
I wish I can continue my dream career in the future,almost but not yet.

3.Have my own fashion brand or working on a part of magazine editorial,actually it's my current career now.a dreamed when i was pre teen i'm not pay attention to this subject much but sudden they're my life..such a turning point for me.

4.Wishing for my baseball team continue to be a champion for every season till I’m retire,i'm breath in breath out about baseball you know.

5.Travelling to my destination along with family and friends.

6.Open arts and designs gallery,i love painting and have many kind of arts from painting to manga. also wanna including photographs that my friend @stephaniee90 working on it to my gallery that will be awesome. maybe after I graduated I will considering to this plan.

7.To join any car racing,any extreme car/motorbike,so dont laught to me i'm obsessed.

8.Married to a Korean guy ,can I state direct to a man of my dream lol~

9.Wishing to my family stay together last long with good health and love each other forever,i know isn't a personal dream i dont want to stay apart with my family,my beloved they're precious.

10. This just my honest to my dad I just want to be a good daughter the one he can proud of me,i love my dad he's my idol.

I have so many dreams actually cant list it only 10.

Thx for tagged and read.
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