Sleeping = pure happiness. 

the most amazing people ever: @xo-offtoneverl4nd love your icon & and ur sets, and your so nice ♡ @selenuh you sets are just wayyy too perfect ♡ @kholland1827 you're SALTY, bestie ♡ @nerdychic-xx ilysm. your sets are flawless and youre amazing in every way ♡ @jcari your sets are absolutely gorgeous and youre sooo nice. ily ♡ @jennifer-lawr3nce-anon you're simply amazing ♡ @popyseed amazing sets and you are so nice... and you make my life ♡ @charlotte-xoxo absolutely beautiful sets♡ @wonder-l4nd love your showcase and icon ♡ @catsaremylife2 your sets are supa dupa pretty ♡ @cattytwins you make very pretty sets ♡ @kpurple17 you make beautiful sets ♡ @daniellemalik123 our imaginary cat whiskers ♡ @jaelyn-xo absolutely gorgeous sets, we should talk sometime ♡ @callmerachelmay you make nice sets ♡ @maya-is-a-mermaid gorgeous sets and ur really nice ♡ @bellakatarina-xo perfection sets and i love talking to you ♡ @cloud9-abadsantos you make really pretty sets and i like your icon ♡ @chloeadorable25 stunning sets! we should talk sometime ♡ @nerdcorner i love you to the moon and back and your sets are like asdfghjkl amazing ♡ @grace-malik grace makes perf sets, is super nice, and incredibly funny... triple threat ♡
@polyvore @polyvore-editorial ♡
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