june 9 - surf's up, dude. head down to the beach today for the first competition of surf season. cheer on your friends and family and maybe make some friends of your own if you're not participating. 


“You’re getting in the water, Stach, whether you like it or not. You’re looking far too good not to be out on a board with me,” I hear someone say as I slip out of my sundress, revealing my Mara Hoffman bikini, getting ready to lay down under the cabana my sisters and I put in the ground every summer that stays there until it’s too cold to go out anymore. I peer out from my Karen Walker sunglasses to see Sean Miller standing above me with that mischievous grin on his face. Sean Miller’s the kind of guy you flirt with when there’s no one else around and you’re desperate for some male attention. I think he’s been secretly in love with me since I took his virginity in his freshman year of high school. Needless to say, I’ve never really understood the thrill of the Kitty Hawk badboy, but I suppose I’m the one who fuelled Sean Miller’s womanizing ways at the ripe age of 14. That said, I’m the only girl that doesn’t put up with his BS and probably the only girl that genuinely likes Sean as a human being. 

“I don’t think so, Miller. Not today. I don’t want to burn and you know I don’t tan,” It was true. I was the only Stach sister with porcelain skin that couldn’t be out in the sun, reason enough for the annual cabana placement. “Besides, don’t you have some other /younger/ girls to proposition that are out on the water who would love to get involved with whatever dark cloud/brooding bad boy thing you have going on?” “You always know how to bring me down a peg, don’t you, Copper? But you’re right, we have our whole lives to recreate my freshman year experience again. Or just at my birthday party that’s coming up?” We both laugh and he heads down to the water with his board. I’m still smiling as I look inside my bag and bring out my iPad and towel, along with water and set them on the table and my chair. I select Steven Tyler’s biography on my iPad and start reading. Ten minutes must have passed, when I smell that familiar smell of aftershave, cologne and sunscreen.

“So you’re ignoring my brother and me now, huh?” Noah says, as I watch him help himself to the other chair in the cabana wearing boardshorts and nothing else. He smiles at me and I smile back. “Something like that,” I say still smiling. I can’t really hate Noah for Will standing me up, but I am still pissed he had to be the one to tell me. However, his tanned muscular body and warm brown eyes aren’t really helping me feel the hatred for him. “I know Will should have had the balls to call and cancel himself, but he really was hungover. I am apologizing for agreeing to do it though, and for suggesting that I’d take you out myself, even though I’m still being completely serious.” He lightly punches my arm, and I let out another laugh. Why was Noah being so sweet and why was he looking so good today? 

“Would you care to tell me why your brother decided to drink so heavily the night before a date with me then, Noah?” I say, taking my sunglasses off and looking Noah straight in those warm brown eyes. “Because he’s a nervous idiot and you make him crazy? Hell, I’m surprised I’m not drunk right now talking to you. You’re the same but still so different from when you left Kitty Hawk back in senior year, and it’s sexy but frightening as hell. You’re so sure of yourself, so independent, such a big maneater with all those Upper East Side super-polished city guys from what we hear, which isn’t any surprise, you’re smart, funny and gorgeous,” I blush even though I’d heard this all a million times before, as Noah continues, “But it probably wasn’t the best decision of mine to start feeding William beers though, was it?” “You did not!” I say, covering my mouth while laughing. “Might have got him a bit nervous saying some stuff about you, to get him off his game. Might have brought home a 2-4. Wanted to make it a fair fight, you know?” Noah smirks. “Yeah right, Noah. You know as well as anyone in this town that you have had and can have anyone you want. You don’t want to waste your time with me who’s also had everyone in town, or so it seems. I’m too much work.” I’m not sure why I’m trying to convince Noah he doesn’t want me though. A force of habit? Was I actually interested in Noah and was I actually sitting here talking with him instead of trying to make things better with William? “You’re nuts. Why do you think I wouldn’t want you? I’ve had a crush on you since you punched me in the face during recess when you were in third grade and I was in fourth grade after asking if I could look up your dress.” “I had forgotten all about that! Oh my God, Noah, you were such a pig even back then!” We both die laughing and I finally give in. I can’t be mad at Noah Adele. Our personalities are just too well-suited for each other.

Noah and I continue to talk for a few minutes, and just when he looks like he’s about to ask me something, I hear Denten scream out my name. I look over to her and Nick waving me to come over to where they are to watch Dawson compete. I wave back, letting her know I’ll be there in a second. I tell Noah that I have to go because I promised Denten I’d watch the first big competition with her. He smiles, gives my hand a squeeze, and lays back in his chair as I grab my sunglasses and run over to watch the competition. When I look back to the cabana, Noah is no longer there. Instead, I see Violet and Jade moving their chairs out from under the cabana to tan and watch the competition. Did I actually have feelings for Noah? Did I still have feelings for Will too? The summer was definitely heating up for me and I wasn’t just referring to the sun.
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