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Kind of long and boring... but anyway I spent a lot of time writing this!! 
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A week already passed since Greta and I arrived to Korea, we have visited some places at Seoul and that weekend we were visiting Pusan as part of Stephanie’s work schedule. I was packing some snacks when someone knocked the door.
“Annyeonghaseyo” Stephanie greeted our visitor through the intercom.
“Oww, you’re so cute speaking Korean.” A male laughed in English. My face turned red as soon as I recognized the owner of the annoying voice. I walked straight to the door and opened it fiercely. 
“What the hell are you doing here?!” I shouted facing Pietro. He did not flinch, just stayed still looking at me with a smirk. 
“Seems like I’m not welcome here.” He said after a short silence in which I glared at him.
“Of course you’re not, so you better tell me what do you want or go away, I’m too busy right now.” 
“I don’t think you’re busy at all…” Pietro smiled and ignoring my angry face stepped into the apartment, after pushing me against the door. “Hi girls!” He greeted Stephanie and Greta like if they were long-life friends. I breathed in and out to calm myself, even when I knew it wouldn’t work.
“Get-out-of-here-right-now!” I yelled completely pissed, but my ex-boyfriend merely looked at me a few seconds and then cracked up in a kid-like way.
“So cute, getting angry…” He noticed my shut-up glance and quickly stopped “You know that I won’t leave until we talk, so there’s no point in getting mad.” This time Pietro sounded serious. I rolled eyes and looked up to my best friend, trying to find some help from her, but to my desperation, Stephanie was smirking amused like if she was watching a comedy. 
“Come on, talk with him, we should leave soon!” Stephanie piped up, leaving the living room with Greta following her. 
“You have 10 minutes, if it takes longer, I’ll k…” Pietro placed a finger on my lips, so I couldn’t say anything else. 
“Just be quiet and listen carefully, I have a proposal that could change your life…” He smiled at my stressed expression and sat on the sofa.
“I’m not interested at all!” I interrupted him as soon as I heard he had a proposal… that word coming from him scared me.
“Don’t be silly, shut up and listen to me, you can’t let this opportunity pass.” He smirked at my reaction to his words. I composed a grimace and nodded.
“Say what you had to say.”
“Well, as you shouldn’t know… I’m working in a TV channel as the director of a drama…” I couldn’t help but cracked up… Pietro? Working as a drama’s director? That should be a joke! I knew that he had majored in Film Direction, so why in the Earth was he directing a Korean drama? He glared at me and continued talking. “Yeah, a drama director” He repeated, looking into my eyes, I tightened my lips to avoid a laugh came out from them. “And right now, we have a big problem because the stylist left Korea and…” I didn’t let him finished.
“You want me to work with you? Forget about it, I can’t stand you more than the necessary, that would be a disaster!” I let out looking at him like if he had mentioned a possible marriage between us.
“We’re just working together, we’re not getting married!” He complained.
“Like if we were…” 
“Please… I really need you” I widened my eyes, listen to Pietro saying that, made me feel really weird, he had always been arrogant and rude.
“Did you just say please?” I turned around to face him; I looked into his eyes carefully, trying to guess if he was being sincere.
“Don’t look at me like that…”Pietro lifted his head “It’s just… May, I’m really sorry about what happened between us, I was young and immature and… please accept this work, it’ll be a great opportunity for you, and…” Listening to my ex-boyfriend asks for forgiveness was like looking a pink cow fly into the sky “and… You also could find a boyfriend!” he smiled showing his teeth.
“I knew you weren’t serious about your apologize.” I shook my head disapprovingly. “Pietro, I can’t take that kind of job, you better look for someone else. I reckon you should leave now…” I headed to the door and opened it; it was an invitation to him to leave my apartment, but Pietro remained still.
“I know you already lost a great work opportunity, are you letting this pass again?” I narrowed my eyes to him.
“What? Are you stalking me or what?” 
“Will you really reject this proposal?” He scowled, then stood up and walked towards me. “So there’s nothing I can do…I’m leaving.” He had already stepped outside the flat, when a strange force moved me. I took him by the arm.
“Wait!” He looked me with a smile. 
“You are soooo predictable…” Pietro chuckled and pinched my cheek. “You won’t regret this…”

Effectively, as my ex- boyfriend had told me, I didn’t regret my decision, as I entered in the KBS main building that Monday, busy people walking quickly from side to side, made me realize that I hadn’t committed a mistake.
“May!” Pietro’s voice called my name. “Where were you?! I’ve been waiting you for about an hour!” He complained when I stepped into the recording set.
“I’m sorry, I’ve got lost in the subway” Wait! Did I just say I was sorry? I shook my head “It’s your entire fault! You said you were picking me up!” I glared at him and turned around. 
“Sunbae!” A girl holding some papers approached hurriedly “Those are the scripts you asked for…” Suddenly the girl’s gaze fixed on me “Omo! She’s the girl”
“Wae?” I looked at her confused.
“Director, is she the girl of the portrait?” The girl inquired, pointing at me.
“What portrait…?
“Of course she’s not!” Pietro shouted before I could say something else. “Thanks!” He pulled out his puzzled assistant. The girl gave me a scrutinizing glare, before leaving.
“That was definitely weird!” I said as I peeped suspiciously to my ex-boyfriend.
“Stop making up things in your mind” He said as he rolled eyes.

After two hours in the set, I got completely convinced that it was the place where I belonged. Big rails with loads of clothes hanging from them, shoes everywhere, accessories, jewelry… colors, textures; it was like heaven, but it wasn’t all, I also had the opportunity to meet some famous Korean actors. I was feeling like if I had died and went to the paradise, and that was all because of the man I had hated for the last 6 years… Pietro. I scratched my head thoughtful, as I looked at him, he seemed really professional, everybody obeyed him and all the staff members spoke to him respectfully, like if he were someone really important. I found myself analyzing all his movements, the way he talked to his fellows, the way he wrinkled his nose as something didn’t go as expected…
“So, do you know the director very well?” A soft female voice said, it was the assistant that previously I had met. I felt a little embarrassed about being caught staring at my ex-boyfriend.
“Mmmm… kind of…” I replied, examining with faking interest a pair of Jimmy Choo’s. She smiled and got closer to me.
“He has a portrait of you in his house, did you two date?” she giggled. 
“What? A portrait of me?” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.
“Yeah, he told me he painted it by himself… omo! Didn’t you know?” She covered her mouth with both hands, apparently sorry about what she had just let out. I smiled slightly moved; there was nothing else I could make
“Jung Ah! Where are the things I asked you to bring?” Pietro yelled as soon as he noticed his assistant talking with me, she clumsily walked towards him, leaving me alone, immersed in weird ideas. Minutes later, Pietro called me too. 
“Yeah, boss?” I joked.
“So funny, ha-ha-ha” He ironized. “I need you to prepare an outfit for a male idol, he’s coming in about an hour.”
“An idol? What idol?” I asked excitedly. “You know, to prepare something according to his requirements…” I added when I caught Pietro’s irritated gaze.
“I don’t know… I guess he’s stage name is New… what a stupid name!” He snapped.
“New?” I couldn’t think about anyone with that stage name, maybe a rookie group’s member?
“Something like that, he’s the leader of a band… Shine.”
“Shine?” My heart almost left my body “Do you mean SHINee? He’s name is Onew! You definitely ought to learn about k-pop!”
“Whatever his name is, he’s coming… it’s just a cameo, so don’t worry too much about it, just make sure he’ll look elegant” I didn’t heard Pietro, I was already anticipating Onew’s presence. “May!” I looked up to my ex-boyfriend.
“I told you to read the script.”
“Ohh… sure!” I nodded and left jumping like a little girl whose parents just told her she will receive a gift.
After everlasting forty seven minutes, someone burst into the set running.
“Director! SHINee is here!” A boy with a sickly aspect shouted, Pietro just raised his hand in understanding, seconds later, five male figures appeared, making the set got brighter.
“Omo! It’s SHINee!” Jung Ah pinched my arm.
“I… I…thought… I thought that only Onew was coming…” I was speechless; looking at my favorite group so close was unreal.
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Wrote 5 years ago

Wrote 5 years ago
:D great story!!

Wrote 5 years ago
Ahahah NewXD
And Omgdehdrbfrvebchnjrefh I'd pass out if I were in your shoes lol Workin with SHINee O.o
Did I mention how happy I am you're using me as a character? Thanks dear^^

Wrote 5 years ago
amazing set dear love this style:))


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