EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPP!!!!! This episode looks amazing!! :D

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Wrote 4 years ago
@gothic-pheonix Thank you ssooo much dear!!! I would love to join!! :D

Wrote 4 years ago
Love your color scheme and matching quotes.
I feel you would also like this contest:
Ends in 7 DAYS, new.old sets allowed. Please help us show the mods that people are willing to keep the SYFY group alive by entering this contest.

Wrote 4 years ago
@catqueen9 Hehe!! Thanks! I looks AWESOME!!!!

Wrote 4 years ago
@hannahisnotonfire Thank you very very very very much!!!!!! :D <3 :D
@hannah-rose-weasley Me too!! Oswin looks so fun!! :D



The TARDIS: Home of Polyvore Doctor Who Fans!

The TARDIS: Home of Polyvore Doctor Who Fans!

For the people who know Rose isn't just a flower, Doctor isn't just a career, Police Boxes aren't just strange little things from the past, and Raxacoricofallapatorius isn't a nonsense word.
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All New Doctor Who

All New Doctor Who

42 sets from 20 members. Ended three years ago.
In anticipation of the new Doctor Who season, create sets inspired by the christmas episode and/or the new companion. The contest will last one week. Three winners. Good luck!

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