new edc outfit ideas

soooo these need to be comfortable since i'm gunna be jumping up & down all night in the desert.. and eh, the old ideas i had i'm not comfortable with anymore. any suggestions to improve would be helpful! so here:
day 1: pink cat boy
day 2: flower boy - i own the exacty crown c:
day 3: sin city inspired outfit (and diplo fanboy tbh lmfao)


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Super cute x

Wrote 7 months ago
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special tags!
@lost-masked-kitten ~ hi dear! c: you always leave the nicest comments on my sets and often read and comment on my description. i really appreciate it and you've stuck around in support of me for quite some time! your sets are cute too! love you xx
@mxss-holmes ~ hello adri, i hope you're having a nice day! c: i absolutely adore your sets, they're absolutely gorgeous and quite unique, i haven't seen anyone with your style before and i really admire it<3 you're also an aries which must mean you're awesome c:
@toby-senpai ~ can i just say your sets are perfect??! they're always super aesthecially pleasing to me and i love them so much c: also i think you're great with roleplay, you capture characters very well and i can visualise them in my head, especially russia! you're one of the most chill people on poly too. i hope your day is filled with cute fluffy penguins~ love you! c:
@demondog ~ where to start? you were one of the people i started talking to first on polyvore and we've got on extremely well ever since. i adore your sets too, they're always so friggin pretty! (how do you do it??) i love the mmd self-model you made, and i can see you going far as an animator. our passions about japan are at about the same level, which is high, and great. i never really had many people to gush about it with before then! love you! c: and i hope your day is full of sugar, spice & everything nice!
@fangirl-kitty ~ we haven't talked a lot (yet) but you always leave super nice comments on my sets! and your sets are cute too! c: i hope your day is fabulous~
@hanabusa ~ i don't know where to start with you either!! you're also one of the first people on polyvore i really started talking to a lot. your sets are beautiful and you're really fun to roleplay with! c: i love our crazy cracked up roleplay worlds :') prince iceland anyone?! and how about romano's sexy outfit? i love those drawings you did so much i nearly cried laughing, they are perfect! love you, and i hope your day is filled with hmm... cute lil bby icelands and denmarks c:
@qveenxirwin ~ you always leave super nice comments on my sets, and actually read my descriptions! it really means a lot and i appreciate it. it also seems like we have a matched passion for the wonderful world of harry potter~ i really like your sets too, they're simple, cute and clean! i hope your day is going lovely! <3
@tarabean ~ we haven't talked a lot (yet!!) but you're hella rad and you also love aph romano!! i'll be adding more to this once we've interacted a bit more, but for now, i hope your day is amazing!! c:
@brendafufu ~ you've supported me for quite a long time, even when i was on that super long hiatus from polyvore, you still stuck around! you always leave some of the nicest and most well thought out comments and you're really sweet! your sets are very pretty too and i haven't seen anyone with a layout quite like yours. i love them! have a glorious day!~
@xdarkfirex ~ you're so nice! you made some really cool icons for my contest and your sets are cute. we haven't talked a lot yet, but feel free to message me whenever you want c:


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