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So I have decided to name each chapter for the fruit that makes a guest appearance (via Sungjae of course). This one is going to be very appropriately named "Banana".

And in case you were wondering:

Chapter One - Watermelon
Chapter Two - Fruits Basket (no fruits in this chapter but it's the one where the main character meets all the "fruits" all the other boys. 
Chapter Three - Pineapple

But now onto the main focus! 

The story...

dun dun dun! 


Chapter 4: 

The next morning both ilhoon and Soo Ri were trying hard not to fall asleep on the bus bench, while Minhyuk was chatting away. He finally noticed that the two were quiet so he offered to buy them coffee. As soon as he left to go around the corner and buy coffee for all of them, the other two both laid out on the bench fighting for space. "Move your arm," Soo Ri complained. "Your elbow is jabbing my gut" 

"And you are hogging up the bench, move over" ilhoon said pushing back. Soo Ri finally gave up and sat up again, in no mood to argue with him that early in the morning. He laid back down with his head near Soo Ri and his legs hanging off the other side. "Fine, I'll help you," he said breaking the silence. 

"What was that?"

"I'll help you with your little puppy dog love" he said, completely bored. 

"Why the change of heart? Are you warming up to me?" Soo Ri teased. 

"No. It's just sad watching you act so pathetic...there is only so much a bystander can take".

Soo Ri clenched her teeth and tried not to smack his head. "Forget it then".

"Five minutes," ilhoon said getting up. "That's how long it takes,".

"Takes for what?"

"To decide if you like a person or not. And I'm not just talking about romantically, but within the first five minutes you decide if you like someone, if it's someone you would like to hang out with, talk some more to, become friends. It can also only take five minutes to decide that you don't want to have further interactions with said person," he explained. 

"Okay, so what does that have to do with my situation?" Soo Ri asked. 

"Simple, you already failed that part. If I remember correctly, the first five minutes you guys met each other you were attacking him," he said mockingly. 

"Okay, if that's your advice then leave me alone. I don't want your help if you are going to be rude to me," Soo Ri said stubbornly. 

But ilhoon just ignored her and continued talking. "However, if just means you have to start from the beginning. Since you didn't make a impression on him that lead to romantic interest, it just means that you have to work hard to gain that image. Make him see you in a different light".

"Okay, so what do I do?" 


Minhyuk returned with two cups of coffee as soon as the bus came around a different bend. Ilhoon and Soo Ri got up with thier backpacks, ilhoon had his eyes narrowed on the cup of coffee in Minhyuk's hand. But Minhyuk gave one to Soo Ri and started drinking from the other one. "Hey! Where is mine?" he yelled. 

"Come on, we have to get on the bus," Minhyuk chirped while running up to the side of the bus as it slid to a stop in front of them. 

"Hyung? Really?!" ilhoon said again, giving a glare to Soo Ri who tried to sip her coffee innocently. 

"Well when I got there I realized I only had two hands, so I got one for Soo Ri because it's her first day," he said letting Soo Ri get on the bus first. They all swiped their bus passes and went to the back of the pretty empty bus. ilhoon pouted and sat by himself so the other two sat next to each other in front of him. "Are you excited for you first day?" Minhyuk asked. Soo Ri nodded, taking another sip of her drink.

"A bit nervous though," she admitted. 

"Everyone is their first day," Minhyuk said encouragingly. Soo Ri noted how everything Minhyuk said was positive while everything that came out of ilhoon's mouth seemed to be negative. She turned back to see that he had fallen asleep under his hoodie. 

"Why did he sign up for morning class?" Soo Ri asked curiously. 

"Because he missed the sign up time so he had to take whatever classes were left, so he got stuck with the ones in the morning," Minhyuk explained. "He is not that bad really", he added.

"That's what Peniel says too. Yet, somehow, that's hard to imagine," Soo Ri responded. She then thought about what ilhoon had said to her earlier. 

**1. Show interest in what they have to say.**

"So Minhyuk oppa, what are you studying?" Soo Ri asked. 

"Music, I want to write lyrics and compose," he said while smiling. "All of us do, that's how we became friends".

**2. Compliment them often, show that you are confident in their ability. That means that you can be someone that they trust in the future. **

"I would love to listen to your songs one day. I'm sure you will be really good at it"

"Really?," he said biting his lip cutely. "Okay, why don't you come to our competition this weekend? You can cheer on the boys...and me. And you can hear the song we produced, we really all contributed parts to it. Especially ilhoon". 

"Really?" I said looking back again. "Wouldn't have guessed".

"Oh yeah, he is our best rapper," Minhyuk confirmed.

**3. Get close physically. Try to do skinship (but nothing too forward that will scare them away). That's the best way to trigger romantic emotions.**

"What's this?" Soo Ri asked, slightly touching the leather bound bracelet on his wrist. 

"Oh," he said noticing. "It's a gift from my...girlfriend" he said losing his smile for a moment. 

**4. Do not mention past relationships!.**

Soo Ri felt like just smacking her head against the window pane. "Sorry," she mumbled. 

"No don't worry about it. We are just taking a break right now".

Soo Ri looked out the window and tried really hard for Minhyuk to not see her smile. Maybe she still had a chance. 


Peniel had no idea how he ended up here, in the mall, on a Sunday Afternoon. All he wanted to was sit back and play video games with his roommates or maybe watch a movie with Soo Ri (romantic comedies were his weaknesses and she knew that and would often tease him for it). But no, the boy that he loved and hated had to show up on his front door with a goofy grin on his face and with one sentence he was hooked.

"Hyung, will you go shopping with me?" 

Sungjae hadn't said it cutely; he didn't say it in typical seducing way. No, Sungjae just had to speak and Peniel would follow his every words, his every directions and his every wishes. No matter how inconvient or silly they were. If Sungjae needed help with his homework, then Peniel would try his best to teach him. If he needed someone to accompany him on his Tuesday morning fruit shopping run across town, then he would be there holding the bags of heavy fruits. 

But now he was waiting by a mannequin, playing some random game on his phone, while Sungjae was in the dressing room trying on jeans. This was the sixth store the pair had visited that afternoon so Peniel was already very bored and quite hungry. "Hyung!" he heard the younger calling him. Peniel just grunted in response, very absorbed in game. "Can you come help me decide between these two pairs?" he called from around the corner. Peniel finally pocketed his phone and went to the dressing rooms. It was empty at the moment so Peniel could easily tell that the only closed door was the maknae's. 

"Okay, I'm here," he said knocking on the door lazily. Sungjae opened the door and poked his head out. 

"Is there something wrong hyung?" he said with a slight pout. 

"Oh umm, well it's just I kind of getting hungry. Do you think after this store we could take a small break?" 

"Of course hyung! We can hit the food court after this. But for now you need to help me decide between these two jeans," he said and stepped out. Peniel felt his throat instantly constrict as he tried to not molest the boy with his eyes. Sungjae was wearing tight, dark purple jeans that made the flatless boy look like he actually had an ass. It was so tight that the boy wondered how he could have even gotten the pair on in the first place. 

"Th-these look....great," he said, then pretending to cough so that the younger boy wouldn't notice his nervous behavior. He tried very hard to not look but then Sungjae turned around slowly so that his hyung could "inspect" furthur and Peniel nearly lost it. "These seem nice, just get these ones," he stated quickly. 

"But hyung, the other ones are nice too! That's why I can't decide!" he complained and started unbuttoning his jeans. 

"What are you doing! Peniel yelled, scaring the both of them with his sudden exclamation. He spun around so that his back was to the boy. "You can't just change out here. That's what the room is for," he scolded. 

"Relax hyung, no one is here," Sungjae laughed. Peniel heard the sound of the zipper go down and he felt his hands start to sweat. Peniel was slightly upset at the boy, didn't he realize how easily he affected him? Why was he making things difficult for him? "I'm done hyung, you can turn around now".

Peniel shouldn't have turned around. But Sungjae told him, so he did. When he did he couldn't stop his eyes from staring straight at the boy crotch. Sungjae had changed into even tighter (how was that possible?) WHITE jeans that left little to the imagination. "Hyung, what do you think?" Sungjae asked, putting his hands on his thin waist. Peniel tore his eyes away and looked at Sungjae who was smiling at him. "Are they sexy enough?" he asked, his voice slightly huskier. 

"What?" Peniel said feeling flustered. 

"Hyung I'm almost an adult!" he pouted sounding like a five year old. But that voice didn't match those jeans and just made Peniel feel more of a pervert as he realized this boy wasn't even of age. "Only a couple more months and then I get to drink and go to clubs. That's why I'm buying sexy jeans for the occasion," he said winking. "So do you things these will grab enough attention? I'm going to assume yes because you can't stop looking at them," he laughed. Peniel felt his entire face go red and he quickly pushed Sungjae inside the dressing room. 

(not for that you dirty readers =p) 

He pushed him in and closed the door in front of him. "Hurry up and get dressed Sungjae, I'm hungry" he said and clutched his heart, feeling it race. 


"Hyung, look it's a fruit smoothie stand!" the tall boy said clinging to Peniel's arm. "Can we get some smoothies, it's really hot out. You're even sweating-" the boy said demonstrating by brushing his hand on the back of Peniel's neck but the older boy quickly flinched and grabbed his wrist gently. 

"Sure, I'll treat," he said nodding his head and dropping the boy's arm. 

"Yay! Thank you hyung," the boy said dragging his hyung to the stand. They waited in line while the tall boy bounced on his toes, all excited. When it was finally time to order, Peniel ordered first his drink and then he turned to Sungjae. "Oh, I'll have a Banana".

"A Banana Strawberry or a Banana Coconut?" the girl taking their orders asked. 

"Oh no, just a Banana," he clarified. 

"Without any added fruit in your drink?"

"No...just a Banana," he said pointing to a group of Bananas in the back ready to be smushed into fruit smoothie drinks. 

"Just...the fruit? Not the drink?" she asked, clearly not beleiving him. He just nodded his head and then bit his lip. 

"Is...that alright?" he asked cutely. 

"Oh sure," she said quickly and brought him a Banana. 

"Thank you!" he said brightly and skipped away while Peniel quickly paid and followed him to a table in the food court. The boys sat across from each other and while Peniel was drinking his smoothie quietly he looked over at the maknae. Sungjae had peeled the banana and had put it in his mouth in a way that looked rather...sexual. Or perhaps it was Peniel's brain that was turning such an innocent act into something vulgar. But the way his lips were wrapped around the fruit...

"No!" Peniel said loudly and slammed his drink down on the table. The noise startled the other boy who just looked at his hyung with big eyes and /slowly/ took the banana out of his mouth. 

"What's wrong hyung?" Sungjae asked. Peniel realized in that moment that many people were looking at his small outburst and he quickly hid his face. 

"Just...I forgot I had to do something at home. We should head back now," he said quickly in a low voice. 

"Okay hyung," Sungjae said softly and Peniel felt instantly guilty on how he treated the boy. 

"I'll buy you ice cream on the way back okay?" he said quickly. Sungjae's face lit up and Peniel felt his heart swell once again. 

He really would do anything to make sure that boy smiled.


So I made sure to add a lot of Penjae to make up for the lack of it in the last chapter. It seems I'm going to have to include a lot of Penjae since you girls love them so much (no complaints here :D) 

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