Tae Ah woke up groggily, bleary panic sending tiny bursts of nausea in her stomach and chest. She wondered where she was and hoped to whatever entity was out there that she hadn't fallen asleep on the bus. Again. She rubbed the crust from her eyes. The world slowly came into focus around her. She lay on the floor (which explained the tightness in her muscles) pushed up in the corner next to a pile of stale-smelling clothes. A number of other bodies lay sprawled across the floor in front of her, blocking her way to the bathroom. 

'The living room,' she thought. 'I'm in the living room.'

She saw her older brother a few feet away, body splayed out, one hand under his shirt to rest on his stomach. Tae Ah suppressed a smirk. Even after 10 years, Taeil still slept like a kid. 

The other bodies on the floor remained a mystery. She'd never been good with names. She did recognize their faces, though. There was the deep-voiced guy with the dorky grin with his face pressed against Taeil's shoulder. 'What was his name again? B.O?' Why anyone wanted to be called 'body odor' she didn't know. 

Next to him was the perverted greaseball. She was pretty sure he never caught his name (and the larger part of her brain didn't want to know it). He looked surprisingly innocent sleeping curled around his pillow. 'Appearances can be deceiving,' she mused darkly. 'Especially with that one.' 

The other three she couldn't quite place. She remembered seeing them, but they'd been so quiet, she was half-convinced she'd imagined their meeting. One of them, a dark-haired boy with a pretty face, slept next to the pervert, mouth open like a flytrap. A steady snore floated through the air with his every breath. The other two -- another dark-haired boy and a red-head -- lay face-down with their hands in a bowl of half eaten popcorn. 

A quick body count assured her that there was one person missing -- the cranky blond with the big nose. Tae Ah shrugged and struggled to make her stiff limbs get her to a standing position. It wasn't like she particularly missed him. He didn't seem like he held a high opinion of her and she certainly hadn't liked the way he'd treated her brother. 

Once she was convinced her limbs were fully stretched, she began the perilous trek to the bathroom. She stepped in-between bodies, taking great care not to accidentally step on anything too valuable. She was nearly home free when ('Speak, or rather, think of the devil and he shall appear.') the cranky blond stumbled out of one of the side rooms. His hair was a tangled mess, dried drool trailed down the side of his face. They locked eyes, Tae Ah posed awkwardly with one foot between the pretty brunet's legs and the other in midair and the blond with one hand cupped around his crotch, posed to scratch. 

"Fck," he muttered, voice hoarse.

Tae Ah sucked on her bottom lip. "Don't mind me," she said. "Scratch to your heart's content."

He looked down at his hand and leaped away from it, startled. "I-I wasn't--"

She opened her mouth to reply, but Pretty Boy decided that that moment was the perfect time to shift his position. He curled onto his side, kicking her foot out from under her. She pitched backwards, landing with her head right on the pervert's legs 

He shot up, making Tae Ah's head fall right into his lap. He blinked sleepily down at her before his lips stretched into a wide, perverted smile. 

"Looks like my birthday's come early this year~"

Tae Ah felt her eye twitch. "And I got you the perfect present," she said cheerily before she dug her knuckles into the pervert's thigh.

"SHT!" He yelped. 

"Shut up! You're being noisy!" Taeil grumbled. 

Pervert glared down at her. She flashed a grin at him before sitting up and pushing herself to her feet. She hopped over the last two bodies skidding to a stop in front of the blond who stared at her. 

"Are you always this... lively... in the morning?" He asked tightly.

She smirked. "No," she replied. "Usually I'm worse." 


An hour later, everyone was awake (with the exception of Taeil, who swore at everyone and stumbled back to his room). Tae Ah had taken the task upon herself to make breakfast, despite the deep-voiced kid's protests. 

"Don't worry about it, noona! We'll take care of it." 

She smiled. "I like cooking," she replied, whisking a few eggs in a plastic bowl. "Besides, I don't trust you guys to cook something edible." 

The red-head laughed and nudged the deep-voiced kid. "She has a point, Jihoon. We can't cook worth sht." 

"I don't know about you, Yukwon, but I can cook just fine," Pervert said cockily.

The blond snorted. "Only in your dreams, Kyung. The last time you cooked something, you sent Jihoon to the emergency room." 

Pervert -- or rather, Kyung -- huffed. "It was an honest mistake, Zico. God, you'll never let me live that down, will you?" 

Zico's barking laughter filled the room. "Honest mistake, my as--" 

Tae Ah placed two big platters of fried rice on the table, effectively cutting off his retort. The pretty boy inhaled appreciatively. His crooked smile sent a pleasant warmth coursing through her veins.

"It smells good," he said. "I don't remember the last time I smelled something so good in the kitchen." 

The other brunette's eyes arched in half-moons. "I could get used to having a girl 'round here." 

Zico frowned. "She's not that great," he muttered, before heaping a pile of food in his bowl. 

She snorted and helped herself rather than bother with replying. 'The least he could do is pretend to act grateful,' she thought bitterly. She shoved a giant spoonful of rice in her mouth to stop the acidic thoughts from continuing. 

She half-wondered if coming here had been a mistake. 


Yeah. I'm trying to get back in the groove, so I'll probably post more small, less plot-driven updates until I can write something I'm actually happy with. lol 

More Tae Ah/Block B interactions! Yay! Although, there was less Taeil this time 'round. 

I have no idea where I'm going with this, so bear with me. c:
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