New Girl RP
L.Joe’s POV

Call it intuition, but I got sudden feeling I should walk downstairs. 
“I’ll go buy some snacks” I found perfect excuse and left our flat. Instead of using elevator I used stairs; I wanted to pass Jae Ah’s apartment where the girls had slumber party.

“What are you doing here?” My good mood disappeared in second; Myungsoo was standing in front of open door.
“What are you doing here?” I repeated the question, clenching my fist.
“I…came to deliver this.” He pointed at white dotted pink box he was holding.
“I can give this to Jae Ah” I grabbed the box from him. It was heavy and by sound it made it contained some glass so I had to be more careful. “You should go now before I change your face into plum.”
“Byunghun-ah, can’t we talk?” He looked at me with puppy eyes; it wasn’t working on me.
“You have five seconds to leave this building.”
“Okay, just don’t do anything stupid, Byunghun-ah!” Before I could hit him for those words he turned back and was gone.

“Ekhem-“ I could hear someone clearing her throat behind me. “You were looking for me?”

It was Tiffany; her cheeks were pink and she was smiling. I immediately forgot about Myungsoo.
“Ah, yeah”. I placed me hand on the back of neck and looked down, not sure what to say.
“Jae Ah tricked me then; she told a handsome dark haired boy is waiting here for me.” She didn’t stop smiling and leaned closer to me to stroke my pink hair. “You should be called L.Key instead of L.Joe; little Key.”
“Yah, I’m not little!” I pouted. “And I’m not like Kibum hyung.”
“Omo, you’re so cute when you’re angry!” She smiled and I realized how Ricky probably felt all the time. “That’s for me?” She pointed at the box.

I realized it couldn’t be for Jae Ah; Myungsoo couldn’t know about her birthday.

“Ah, yes.”
She took the box from me in exchange giving me camera to hold. She opened the box to find inside a pink set with white dogs printed on it: bowls, glasses, plates, even chopsticks. Her eyes widened and she literally jumped from joy. “Cuteeeeeeeee!”

“How did you know I love dogs?”

/flashback: first arrival of Benben while all tenants gathered to meet the dog; Tiffany who run from the line of other people with happy scream and grabbed the dog to give him big hug…/

“Well, that wasn’t that hard to notice.” I bite my lower lip to prevent myself from giggling at the memory of happily squealing with the puppy in her arms.
“Thank you! Is this apology gift?”
“Yes, yes.”

She stretched her hand to shook mine. “Apology accepted. So from now we’re friends?”
I nodded my head hoping that it didn’t mean I was put into friend zone forever. 
“You can call me noona… and we should drop all formalities, don’t you think?” She smiled. “I should head back to the girls.”
And before disappearing in Jae Ah’s apartment, Tiffany gave me a peck on cheek. “Thank you for the gift.”

Back in Teen Top apartment I realized I was still holding Tiffany’s camera. I went to the kitchen and sat in front of Ricky who was playing games; I smiled stupidly and the younger male noticed it.
“Hyung what happened?”
“Oh, I…have found this.” I showed him the camera. “Want to check photos on it?”
I handed him the device. Ricky grabbed it happily, and at the first picture turned red. “Hyung!” 
I looked at the first photo: it showed the girls posing; every one of them was showing her naked shoulder, trying to look sexy. Apparently they had fun; some of them were laughing, some tried to looked very serious but I could tell they were hardly keeping their laughter.

I started at pale naked shoulder of Tiffany; they weren’t showing much skin but for such innocent boys like me and Ricky it was enough to blush.

“We have photos from girl’s slumber party!” We smirked at each other, and started checking the photos /and smiling like idiots /
“I’m going to ask Jae Ah on date.” Ricky announced suddenly.
“I’m going to dye my hair dark for Fany noona” I made confession too.
“What?” Ricky grinned. “Hyungs, L.joe is going to dye his hair for Tiffany noona!!!” He yelled so Chunji and Niel who were in the next room could hear.
“You’re dead meat now!!” I stood up to punish Ricky for giving away my plan. / /

“Hyung, you scared me!” Changjo nudged me when I entered livingroom in the morning. “I thought you were are burglar. “
I raised eyebrows in question.
“I don’t know when I’ll use to see you with dark hair.” He laughed.
“Oh that.” I stroked my hair. “I needed a change.”

While we were finishing our breakfast doorbell ranged. 
“I didn’t know dyeing hair for a girl works that quickly.” We heard Chunji, and I knew I had to quickly hurry to the door before he says anything more.

It was Tiffany noona, wearing casual shirt and navy shorts, with Benben sitting near her legs and waving its tail.
“Are you busy, Byunghun?” She asked over Chunji’s shoulder. I grabbed a pair of sunglasses and stepped from the kitchen.
“Oh, you’re hair!” She looked positively surprised. She gave me thumbs up and I smirked at speechless Chunji who was laughing at me whole previous evening.

When we were outside I asked Tiffany why she needed me. She rolled her eyes. 
“Kibum and his boyfriend. “She gave me naughty smile that should explain what that meant. 
[FLASHBACK/Narrator’s POV: Tiffany and Kibum were sitting in living room; each one of them with laptop on their laps, working on something connected with their new drama. Jonghyun paid them unexpected visit and had to wait for Kibum to finish; the blond boy was very serious about his work.

Jjong quickly become bored. There was nothing to do and he couldn’t just sit and look at skinny figure of his boyfriend. It was hot and he unbuttoned his white shirt – he ignored completely the look Tiffany gave him over her computer’s screen.

He wrapped his hands around Kibum’s chest, and gave him as much back hug as the chair the blonde boy was sitting on allowed him. 
“What are you doing?” Kibum despite the heat shivered under sudden touch of his boyfriend’s skin.
“Nothing.” Jjong whispered to his ear. “Don’t mind me.”

But it was difficult for the blonde boy to focus on his work when Jjong was playing with his hair and giving him sudden and long kisses on neck.

It was also difficult for Jjong who just wanted to rip Kibum’s shirt, to exposed his skinny pale figure Jonghyun liked that much; to run his fingers and lips on the blonde boy’s body, to make him moan Jjong’s name.

The more he thought of it the less he could control himself. “Kibum, please~” He half moaned to his boyfriend ear.

“That’s enough!” Kibum suddenly stood. “I can’t work like this!”
Jonghyun and Tiffany both started at him in surprise. Angry diva could be very dangerous.

“You –“ Kibum pointed at Tiffany “ Go on a walk or something. “
“And you – “ he stared at his boyfriend “why aren’t you in the bedroom yet, huh?” 

“I have at least two hours to spend outside our apartment so I thought I would walk Benben. And it’s nicer to do it with some company.”

Narrator’s POV
The two of them were sitting in the park and enjoying nice weather. The puppy was running around as they throw him his toy and he was bringing it back.

Tiffany was mostly telling funny stories from drama set while L.Joe talked about Teen Top. 
Tiffany liked his company; it was refreshing to spend some time with straight guy who wasn’t sassy diva. Byunghun was a bit intimidated before he discovered that Tiffany was a dork and he could felt very comfortable around her.

“Where’s Benben?” Tiffany suddenly noticed that the dog was missing.
“He must be somewhere around.”

Tiffany started panicking a bit; she felt responsible for the puppy. Byunghun was calmly calling the dog and looking around.

The girl went looking for missing puppy in the nearest bushes and then walked through them to small pond in the middle of the park. With eyes filled with tears she called the dog.
“Noona!” Byunghun called her. “I have Benben!” 
She followed the voice of male and when she reached him she grabbed the dog.
“You scared your auntie!” She scolded puppy. The dog licked her hand and she gave him a hug. “Don’t do that to auntie!”

“Auntie?” Byunghun laughed.
“I can’t call myself his mom, after all.” Tiffany explained like if it was the most obvious thing in the world. She put the puppy on the ground and started scratching her back.
“Something bite me?” She turned to Byunghun.
The younger boy was allowed to stare at her; he started from the back but he lowered his sight .
“Noona, you are completely bitten by mosquitoes. “
“We have to do something with that!” She turned back. “I can’t walk around like that, scratching myself everywhere!”

The both of them hurried to nearest pharmacy to buy some gel for mosquitoes bites. When they were back at their building they walked to Jae Ah’s apartment to return the puppy. Ken was the one who opened the door for them and wasn’t that much happy to see the puppy back.
“Ken, can I have weird request?” Tiffany asked. “Can I use your sofa for a moment?”
The boy raised his eyebrows in surprise.
“Sure, noona.” He said not being completely sure whether it was good idea.
Tiffany hurried to the living room and lay on her tummy on the sofa.
“I can’t wait any longer; Byunghun, please, apply that medicine!”

Byunghun and Ken exchanged surprised looks. 
“Mosquitoes”. Now dark haired boy explained. He bent over Tiffany and gently took her hair away from her back and started applying the gel on pinky spots left by insects. 
“You must have very sweet blood, noona.” Ken commented. “Since mosquitoes like it so much.”

“You…you have some bites on tights too.” Byunghun said before applying the medicine on that part of her body too. He was all red while she sight from the relief. 

“Thank you, you’re the best dongsaeng ever!” She said when operation ‘save Tiffany from scratching herself’ was finished.

Soon Byunghun returned to his place; he couldn’t believe he was touching girl’s tights, even if it was just for medical reason.

Tiffany tried to return to her place but the door were closed. She checked her phone to find there a message from Kibum saying that Jjong stays for the night; 
‘You will see how it feels when I start brining boys at our place!’ Tiffany said to the phone.

It was her and Kibum’s unwritten code, that when one wanted to use the apartment to sleep with someone, the other was supposed to spend the night outside and don’t interrupt. So far it was only Tiffany who was burned with finding herself place to spend night, an then came back early in the morning. 
She didn’t wanted to bother any of the girls and using their sofas, or to call Byunghun again to company her /he could find her too clingy/.

She sighed and left the building; so far the best option was night marathons of films in local cinema. She liked movies and watching few in a row was taking her the whole night.

She headed to the cinema to find out that the only movie she hadn’t already seen was a horror, and her golden rule was to not watch horrors alone. When she considered going to a movie she had already seen, someone slightly patted her on the shoulder.

“I hope it would be you.” The boys said. She smiled at him, trying to recall his name.
“Hi noona.”
“What are you doing here?”
He showed her paper bags filled with groceries. “Our dorm is near.”
“Oh.” Tiffany was happy to see the boy again and at the same time was terrified by the thought she wasn’t expecting to meet any handsome boys. She was almost without make up, and in casual clothes while around boys she liked to dress herself up in skirts and high heels. She scratched the back of her neck, unsure what to say. And that was new to her – to find herself speechless.

“Are you going to cinema…alone?” Myungsoo asked.
“Yeah, I wanted to see this new horror but – to be honest with you – I’m afraid of watching horrors alone, so maybe I’ll pick different movie…”
“I wanted to watch it too!” Myungsoo cut into. “And – “He leaned closer to her, as if he was going to tell her secret “I’m afraid of watching horrors alone too.”

The two of them entered the cinema, and Tiffany couldn’t stop smiling /until the movie started, then she was terrified/. She just couldn’t believe that handsome boy offered himself to watch a movie with her; that they were sitting next to each other and he was holding big popcorn for both of them. When she put her hand into the popcorn box and accidentally met Myungsoo’s hand, she giggled and felt shiver going down her spine.

Tiffany wanted to believe that when you met your soulmate for the first time you start feel butterflies in your stomach and become very nervous and excited at the same time. It hadn’t happened when she first met Myungsoo; but it was happening during their second meeting.

After the movie Tiffany kept apologizing for hanging on Myungsoo’s arm and burring her face on his chest during the scariest moment. “It wasn’t on purpose, I just react like that!”

The boy said he didn’t minded that at all; that if he wasn’t trying to look brave he would do the same – though it would be very inappropriate to bury face on a chest of girl he barely knew. 

Tiffany laughed. “We can change that.”
“Change what?” Myungsoo asked surprised.
“The fact you barely knew me. “ And she explained him that she couldn’t come back home until morning and didn’t had slightest idea what to do. “We could spent night together.” She suggested and seeing his face blushing quickly added. “No in THAT way; just hang out in the city. If you want of course.”

“I’ll just take this to hungry boys!” Myungsoo run to his dorm with bags full of groceries. He was soon back, with camera and cardigan.
“Just in case it becomes colder.” He explained and Tiffany gladly accepted the cardigan.

Firstly they went to eat something; Myungsoo entertained Tiffany with various origami animals he made out of napkins. 
He was surprised Tiffany liked that, and even played with a napkin frog, like a little kid with a toy. Usually people find that weird. ‘He’s in his own world’ they said often, and for some reason Tiffany was quickly becoming the part of that world. It was first time that night he felt his heart beating faster, and immediately felt guilty towards L.Joe.

While the pair left the restaurant and walked through streets to look for a new attraction. Tiffany suddenly stopped when an idea appeared in her head.
“We have a camera and we could use it…hmm…what if we create a photo evidence of adventures that never happened?” She suggested. That was a weird idea, and Myungsoo liked that very much. “Or we can take of our shoes and take photos of them pretending that’s invisible people who wear only shoes!” She said excited.
Myungsoo knew he shouldn’t do that but he stroked her hair as a way to praise her brilliant /weird/ mind. “Let’s do it!”

Later Myungsoo asked Tiffany to visit his dorm; she opposed because she didn’t wanted to bother his roommates.
“I’m not going to let you wander alone on streets in the middle of night, so you go with me peacefully or I’ll drag you there, noona.” 
“Ok, I surrender!”

Inside of Myungsoo’s drom Tiffany met Dongwoo and Hoya, his only roommates who weren’t fast asleep yet, playing some games.
She joined them – Dongwoo was very happy to teach her how to play – while Myungsoo sneaked to his room to prepare a place for her to sleep. He chuckled at sight of his two roommates sleeping; it was no use waking them up. He just grabbed his blue shirt from the closet and wondered what kind of bottom paired it with it. After checking cleanness of his training pants he decided that the best idea was to use a new pair of boxers he had somewhere in his drawer.

Then he moved to youngest room; Sungjong had the smallest room all to himself, and it was actually the cleanest place in all boys room. Myungsoo dragged the youngest outside and told him to look for some fresh bedsheet. The youngest, still half asleep, hit his hyung few times with his teddy bear and like a zombie walked looking for the bedsheet.

When everything was ready, Myungsoo called Tiffany, who regretfully stop playing with Dongwoo and Hoya.
“You will sleep here.”
“And the owner of this room?” Tiffany asked looking over Myungsoo’s shoulder at Sungjong who was half glaring at them, half sleeping, and mumbling something to his teddy bear.
“Maknae will sleep in my room. “Myungsoo ordered to the youngest. “I’ll sleep on the sofa if you needed anything.”

When Tiffany finally covered herself with bedsheet it was 4AM; she was smiling like an idiot, and thinking about that day; it was surprisingly good day. She become more friendly with Byunghun, and get a chance to know better Myungsoo. She was very curious girl, and it bothered her she didn’t know what kind of relationship was between two boys.
She turned in bed…and jumped out from surprise; there was a black shadow in the shape of woman. After a while of holding her breathe she realized it was just a shadow. Now instead of memories of the day, her head was filled with the images from the horror she had watched, and she knew she wouldn’t be able to sleep.

She sneaked from the room and tiptoed to kitchen to drink a glass of water.

Someone put a hand on her shoulder and she jumped, about to scream. He covered her mouth gently with his hand to prevent her from making noise and waking up everyone.
“It’s me.”
In pale moonlight she could saw Myungsoo. “You can’t sleep?” He asked.
She nodded. “I’m scared; that horror movie…And there’s mirror in the room; I don’t know why but I find mirror at night very scary!”
He laughed and comfortingly patted her shoulder. “Should I keep you company then? Ghost are scared of me. But don’t tell anything to Dongwoo, he really freaks out at the slightest thought of ghost.”

The two of them headed to the room; Tiffany sat on the bed, with her back rested on wall and lower body covered with bedsheet while Myungsoo sat on the edge of bed. “Should I sing you lullaby?” He asked smiling. 
Tiffany poked him. That’s not funny.” And after a moment of hesitation she added. “You can sing since you suggested that.”

He cleared his throat and started singing Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’. In the middle of the song Myungsoo stopped singing, blushing; Tiffany kept smiling and finally giggled.
“What’s so funny?” Myungsoo asked flustered. 
“I’m already 23! Such songs doesn’t work on me.” She stick out her tongue. She didn’t want to admit anything he would sang – even a McDonald’s commercial – would work on her.
“Okay, lady!” Myungsoo licked his lower lip. “Firstly, lie down. You won’t fall asleep in sitting position.” Tiffany listened to him. “If ‘Baby’ is not appropriate for you we will count sheep.”
“I prefer counting puppies. White and fluffy!”
“Okay, okay, let’s count puppies. One white fluffy puppy. Two white fluffy puppy…”
“Myungsoo-ah?” She asked in sleepy voice. “Can I hold your hand?”
She grabbed his hand and closed her eyes while the boy continued counting puppies.

When her breathe was calm and she was fast asleep, Myungsoo regretfully let her hand. ‘What am I doing? What if she is Byunghun’s girlfriend?’
‘She’s not. ‘He corrected himself in thoughts. ‘If she were she would stay with him instead of hanging out with me, like Sooyoung did.’
Myungsoo quietly left the room.
The next morning, he entered the room with two mugs of coffee, to wake her up.

Tiffany was already woken, lying on her tummy on the bedsheet. The t-shirt Myungsoo had given her to wear was a bit too big, and now loosely hang around her neck, exposing her one shoulder and large part of collarbones. She covered her mouth to yawn before she smiled at him.
“Good morning!”
Myungsoo smiled with his lips in the response and handed her mug. 
“The boys are preparing breakfast. Nothing fancy but still edible.”
“I’m so thankful to you all!” She sat and started drinking her coffee. “I should go and see whether they doesn’t need woman’s hand.”

During breakfast Hoya and Dongwoo were a bit grumpy – not as grumpy as Sunggyu but that was his ordinary behavior.
“What happened?” Tiffany asked.
“They just cut off electricity to repair something!” Dongwoo sighed. “And we have free morning!”
“We can’t finish out game because Myungsoo hurried us to bed yesterday.”
“Yah, I needed the sofa to sleep on!” The dark haired boy nudged Hoya with his elbow.
Tiffany scratched her head, thinking. “Myungsoo-ah, could you make as few paper planes? And you two follow me!”

When Myungsoo entered the living room, with paper planes in his hands, Tiffany, Hoya, Dongwoo, Sungyeol and even Sungjong were building forts out of furniture and blankets. Woohyun was still sleeping while Sunggyu find the idea of playing war with paper planes and blanket forts very, very stupid. 
Soon they divided into teams and started playing like little kids. It was until Tiffany noticed what time it was.
“F.uck!” I curse escaped her mouth. “I’m late for work!” She hurried to door, thanking boys for letting her sleep at their dorm.

“Noona.” Sungyeol stopped her. “You are not going to go to work dressed like that, are you?”
She then realized she was still wearing Myungsoo’s blue t-shirt and pair of male boxers.

At work, Kibum couldn’t stop staring at her. He waited for the moment the two of them could talk.
“You’re wearing male shirt. “He announced.
“It really looks that male?” Tiffany looked down at shirt she borrowed from Sungyeol. “I couldn’t wear mine because it was dirty.”
Kibum clapped his hands in very diva-like style. “Congratulations, you finally spent a night with a boy.”
Tiffany smiled. “With a group of boys.” 
“You must tell me everything!”

But it wasn’t a time to gossip; make up artists was sick and absent that day, and Kibum was working instead of her. Putting on make up was for him as easy as making costumes and dressing up actors so it wasn’t nothing new to him.

He just didn’t expected new lead actor to be that handsome.
The actor was sitting in front of the mirror, with closed eyes. Kibum noticed he had very kissable lips.
When the blond boy started putting on cream on the actor’s face, he raised his hands and touched Kibum’s hands.
“You have a very soft hands.” The actor opened his eyes and smiled at Kibum. “Very soft.”
Kibum gulped; he shivered when the boy touched him, and so far it was the feeling only Jjong’s touch was giving him.
At the thought of Jjong Kibum was back his professional-diva-self.
“Ah, that’s because I know great handcream. And now my dear, close your eyes and relax.”

Omo, it took me whole day to write this:P

Myungsoo in his own world:

Tiffany has to choose between two Ls - L and L.Joe, and I have a feeling she already put Byunghun into friend-zone but maybe he is going to fight for her heart (?)

I was kind of inspired by those unusual date ideas:
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