For Sunshine Starlight :

a boring &lame long story, mianhe :p


"Let's repeat again the dance for Change and One Shot!" Aimee said.

"And sing when you're dancing! We need to repeat the lines too. It looks like we haven't done anything in so much time. Eun Hee unnie will kill us!" Kyri unnie said.

"Don't worry, we're doing fine!" said Valerie who try calming Kyri unnie.

"Again!" shouted Kayla.

As you can see, today everyone is busy and stressed, the training that we have been doing since morning haven’t stop because everyone thought her appearance is not good. It’s reasonable anyway, since tomorrow is our first fan meeting, of course we want to give their best.

After repeating all the choreography and songs, eunhee unnie give us time to rest. Top oppa come visit us and give some advice for fanmeeting tomorrow, although anyone here knew if he did not come to that.

How lucky strawberry has a boyfriend as nice as he.

Speaking of boyfriend, today I haven’t contacted my lovely fake boyfriend. I can imagine he was panicking and nagging in front of his member. Kekek, wanna bet? Let’s see my mobile phone.

15 messages and 10 missed calls.

Aw, my guess 100% true, all messages and calls that coming from the same person, junhyung. Ckck, a completely possessive boyfriend.

"Why you're smiling like that?" Aimee asked suddenly.

"Eh? Heheh.”

"Haha, it’s okay if you don’t want to tell me. By the way ,you were called eun hee unnie, it looks like something important."

"Me? Well, thank you for telling me. I hope it’s not a bad news. I go first, okay?"

“Hahha, okaaaay.”


I immediately find eun hee unnie, to be honest, I have a bad feeling about this, because if eun hee unnie call you alone it means there is something important will be discussed, if not about the bad news its must be good news. She's not the type who would call us because she just wanted to talk to us. I hope it’s a good news…………………

"Unnie!" I called when she was talking to some staff.

"Ah C, you are here, come here, I want to speak briefly to you."

I feel tremendous panic, am I make a mistake again this time? Am I makes a scandal again? Oh, why only me who called by her?

"Un .. nie, whether I do something wrong ... again?"

She laughed softly, "haha, whether if I call you it means something bad happened huh?"

I chuckled, but actually I still panic.

"Calm C, this time I bring good news for you. Read this." she handed me a file. I read it carefully, and guess what? A NEW JOB!

"I can see from your face C, it seems you are very happy to get a new job."

"Hehe, of course unnie."

"But this work is unusual, whether you can do that?"

Glup, what kind of job is this?

Eun hee unnie continued his words "you will be starring in this ad with Yonghwa, and why I called it’s unusual because the concept of this ad is like a drama series. And of course you will be prosecuted to act serious here, what do you think?"

"It’s sound interesting,"

"oops I forgot to tell something important to you, the ad director is known for his quirky-ness, but his ad is always amazing. And…………. this time he had a request."

"What request?" I gulped

"He asked you to act, now."

"Huh? What does that mean?"

"The story in this ad are two lovers separated and reunited, and he wanted you to start living like this girl, every your behavior in public must depict this girl. Some of his crew will come tomorrow to shoot your appearance tomorrow, no matter how small your acting, it will help making this ad. "

"Eh wait a minute!!!!! So you mean me and Yonghwa .. now ...."

"Yes, now, you and Yonghwa is a separate lover. Oh and C, from now until this shooting ends, your name is Shin Yoon Hee. Remember that okay? You can go now.”

This is crazy………

First she told me to not go near to Yonghwa and now she wants me being his …what its name? Separated lover??????

Okay this concept is brilliant, but this concept will affect my personal life!!!! 

Um, why do I feel like I'm forgetting something? Umm try to remember again ... Ugh OMG, JUNHYUNG!! Wuah, ottoke? How do I tell him? Omg, this is very troublesome………….


"Ah, unnie, where have you been?" asked Mia once I got to where we are trying on clothes.

"I’ve been called by eunhee unnie." I said then Mia makes an O face.

"Unnie, look at me, am I look good wearing this?" blossom spun around and playing with her dress.

"You look beautiful blossom." Iris unnie said. I nodded, agree with her. Blossom chuckled and went to another girl to show her dress.

Btw, the situation in this place was very crowded, You can certainly imagine, thirteen girls with a pile of clothes around them, right? hehe, I do not want to miss this opportunity to try these clothes too!

"This is killer heels!15 cm? Do you want to see me dead?" Kayla said nervously. I saw her and wow…………………… she is very tall!

"Hahaha, you're doing fine. As long as you will not see Kikwang oppa after this, because you'll be taller than him." I said while laughing

"Yes ..." She said.

"By the way, you little girls, try the clothes for your dance solo. Why are you still standing on the bed?" JM unnie said.

“Do not kill us, We Will soon change our clothes. "So Hee said joking.

We talked so much that night, that the day after we can't even wake up. We ate, danced a bit and left for Sang Myung Arts Center. And this is really amazing, I've never seen an audience this many. This event will definitely amazing I thought.

"Hello! Thank you for coming." I say, when passing through the crowd sparkles. Suddenly, they cheer our names.

Hehe, sparkles let’s see, I'll show my best performances!

Event was opened with “Friends & Tinkerbell” . Then, following a duet performance from Immy & Barbie. They performed “tears” and my favorite song "so nice to meet you". I could not help myself not to l not look at their performance from behind the stage. When they began to sing unconsciously, I follow the audience to shout out.

"Yah C! Don’t fangirl-ing right now! Hurry, change your clothes, we will be performing soon!" said magdalena,I immediately ran to changing room with a heavy heart.


Knock .. knock ...

Someone knocked on the door while I was makeup. And guess who's coming?

"Uh Teru, it seems we have to go first. C after you've finished please call me and teru, okay?" Luna-unnie said while pulling Teru-unnie’s hand

Junhyung then entered, he looked at me coldly. Omg, I'm going to be slaughtered after this!

"MY DEAAAAAAAR, CONGRATULATIONS FOR YOUR ANNIVERSARRY!" Shouted junghyun while handing me a bouquet of flowers.

Aish junghyun, why are you doing this sweet thingy to me? This would make my situation more difficult ......

"Umm C, you don’t look happy, why? You don’t like roses? Or perhaps you allergic with flowers?" I picked junghyun’s hand.

"junghyung, we need to talk ..."


Junhyung’s POV

I looked at the girl beside me who was singing with excitement, I know this should not be doing when perform on stage. But, I just wanted to see her face after saying it. The shocking and painful news, I never thought that there would be a girl who would ask my permission to be somebody else’s girlfriend, (crazy huh?)I know it's only for work, but doesn’t that is too much? 

 But no matter how, I could not refuse her request……..

"Pst junhyung don’t daydreaming, after this is your part." she whispered to me. I smiled to her.

Jung Yonghwa, you will really owe a lot to me.


C’s pov

After the appearance Do7ls with “Funky Man:. It's time to give gifts and question and answer session time.

Some lucky audiences climb onto the stage and receive gifts from us, some of them hugged me tightly. I love this kind of thing, fans are always nice to us <3

"Okay, now is a question and answer session. Would anyone like to ask?" Nana said. 

Simultaneously the audience raised their hand and Soohee choose one of them.

"Please specify to whom you will ask." Iris unnie said.

The girl who pointed stands up. "I will ask C-unnie."she said. I smiled at her, "hehe well what's your question? I'll try to answer it."

“em, unnie .... Whether unnie and Yonghwa dating? because, this morning I saw Yonghwa-oppa mention unnie on twitter, and his words is like you two are going out, do you truly dating? "

I looked at her suspiciously, I think she’s one of the ad crew, so this work is already begin uh?
Okay , lemme show you what acting is…


Junhyung’s pov

Ugh, what kind of question it? Whether c and Yonghwa really that far? Aissssh, this is very annoying. I looked at C from a distance, wondering what she would answer.

C smiled, "ah ... is it true he mention me? I do not know." she said it sheepishly and WAIT ... WAIT ... do not say if she .... blushed?????? damnnnnnnnn

"what do you think? Are oppa and I could be a cute couple?" she continued and make the audience grew hysterical.

"woah, what's wrong with your girlfriend's head? Or perhaps you're arguing with her?" said kikwang who sat next to me.

Ugh, C, why did you answer it like that? Whether there is no other sentence?

"YAH junhyung, junhyung, junghyuuuuuung. Answer m..e…e…h are you okay bro?”



"1,2,3!" we blew out the candles together. Confetti and balloons fell simultaneously with the first melody of “Someone is You” song

This most beautiful scenery I have ever seen,

let you imagine, 

hundreds of audience cheering in front of you while carrying placard with your name, 

twelve girls dressed in white like an angel now biting at your side, hold you, smiling at you, 

balloons and confetti covering you as if they also rejoice in this place, 

this is really a beautiful scenery, isn’t it?

Suddenly my tears comes out, I remember when I first arrived. I was so afraid of not being accepted among these girls, but now I'm even afraid of losing them.

Girls, you waking up the feeling that has been long I was forced to sleep.

feelings of love with wholeheartedly

btw i'm so excited about kayla's wedding ( )
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