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to understand why the he/ll Darcy's in the story.


aspen blair chanel > > > FU
friday, june first.
style: soft, casual.
hair: textured updo (like picture’s).
with: D and Zac.
venue: // first. – sightseeing.


“hello, hello,” Darcy was sweeping toward us. “look who’s come to 
apologize, Zac,” i nudged, motioning towards Darcy.

an acerbic cackle arouse from his lips once he spotted her walking towards us;
downcast eyes and mortification accompanied her.

“to what do we owe the pleasure, Disney Princess?” 
i asked with a thin, wide, grin when she finally reached us.

Zac swept a bow toward Darcy, who looked annoyed. “someone didn’t like Sam’s little show?” he asked in a mock tone.

her eyebrows furrowed while her eyes swept away
from Zac and bounced to me.

i cocked my head and took a baneful sigh.
“something wrong, D? you look disturbed. 
and i mean that in the most insulting way possible.”

she closed her eyes, and when
they reopened they locked onto mine.
“look, i want to apologize for the way i acted during brunch—”

Zac interrupted with a loud scoff. “would saying ‘sorry’ make a difference?”

i chimed in, “does it ever? it’s just a word, D. one word against a thousand actions.”

her eyes hurled into Zac who 
shrunk back from the pure force.
“i’m apologizing to A, not you. so can you leave us alone?” 

i looked at Zac who seemed determined to stand his ground.
“i’m not leaving,” he said, recovered. “not unless Disney Princess 
here apologizes to both of us.” his smile was quickly growing bigger.

Darcy took a long, raspy, rigid, sigh.
“i’m sorry i stormed out during brunch…”

she glared at Zac,
who had a very smug
grin dancing on his lips.

she continued with contempt, “but you were being total a/ssholes.”

Zac recoiled, feigning offense. “i’m sorry, i was expecting an apology, not an accusation.”

she crossed her arms and held her ground.
“it’s a factual statement.”
she leered at Zac until

i scoffed, tipping my head to the other side.
“well it sounded more like an excuse than an apology.”

Zac leaned in towards Darcy with a sly smirk.
“this is where you deliver an authentic apology to us.”
then, he backed out with raised eyebrows.

she looked more annoyed than remorseful
but nonetheless said with a heavy sigh,
“i’m sorry, Aspen, and i’m sorry,”

she stopped to glare at him, 
and then through gritted teeth grumbled, “Zac.”

Zac cupped his ear. “i’m sorry, i couldn’t hear that; you mumbled. was that the apology? because it didn’t sound like one.”

she said, deadpanned, “don’t push it, bast/ard.”

“i believe the correct term is /badger/,” taunted Zac.

after coming between their tension, i smirked. “i guess you’re forgiven, D,” 
i pardoned. “we’ll be going now; Zac and i are touring London.”

i reached for my bag and 
secured the strap over my shoulder
when a soft voice squeaked from behind,

“i want to come!” 

Zac was the first to scoff, 
but not to turn around.
“you?” i asked with uneven brows.

she folded her hands together
and gave a subtle nod.
“yeah, me.”

once Zac whirled around he pounced on her,
“i thought you didn’t like the dynamic between me and Aspen, /hmmm/?!”

she tilted her head to the side
and sharply raised her chin.
“i’ve decided that i rather not talk to you. and weren’t you suppose to leave?”

i’m pretty sure he laughed at her,
not with her. i could tell he was proud as well as cocky when he said,
“i was actually suppose to leave with Aspen… to go sightseeing… with /Aspen/. is your name Aspen, /Darcy/?”

her eyes narrowed.
“what do you think?”

i sprang into the conversation.
“/i think/ that you should ruin each other’s senior trips, including mine, since you know, we only get one.”

“i would /love/ to stop bickering, Asp,” spat Darcy, “but Zac here won’t leave us alone.”

“you’re getting a lot better at whining, Princess.” Zac paused and fixed her with a long, serious look. “just in case you actually wonder, that wasn’t a compliment.”

she laughed ungraciously. “i don’t know how you persist in being so stubborn Mr. Thymes.”

i leaned into her with a distinct smirk. 
“it’s his superpower. he was bitten by a radioactive mule.”

Darcy laughed so loudly she snorted.
Zac, however, glared at me.

i shrugged him off while following Darcy ina low laugh. 
“you see, Zac, that’s the sad, sorry, terrible thing about sarcasm,
it’s really funny.”

a wry grin spread across Zac’s face 
as he began to laugh along, 
very flatly.

“you know, Darcy,” he began, 
still smiling from laughter. “i thought you were a mousy little 
thing when i first saw you, but you’re not, are you? not underneath.”

“she’s mousy, Zac,” i said, glancing at Darcy 
who was about to respond. “but be careful, even a mouse bites.”

we were riding in the London eye,
and Darcy was feeling very nauseous.

her arms were clung around mine in a very restricting manner.

her eyes were shut tight,
it could’ve been because Zac 
was making faces at tourists on the
streets, or because she didn’t feel well.

my guess was the former.
not the latter.

“are you scared of ferris wheels?” Zac asked in an interrogative tone.
“no,” she cowered.


we were moving slowly, the capsule shook slightly again, 
and i closed my eyes, trying to take deep breathes.
“what is it then?”

she grasped my arm firmly. “i have a fear of falling from heights.”

Zac began to laugh,
which was becoming a pattern;
Darcy would say something and Zac
would laugh at, without hiding any restraint.
“i can’t believe you’re scared of heights,” he puffed to Darcy who

squeezed my arm tighter.
“me too,” i replied for her.

Zac turned to me with a vindictive smirk. 
“i told you we shouldn’t have 
taken her along.”

“i’m gonna throw up!” Darcy screamed, 
constricting the blood in my arms.

Zac sighed. “you said that four times and look, you haven’t thrown up!”

“why did you pick this crazy piece of metal!?” she panicked.

he ignored her comment with rolled eyes. “you should really open your eyes. the view will really help.”

she shook her head, keeping her eyes firmly clamped down.
“i’m gonna faint,” she whimpered.

i bent her head onto my chest, gently soothing her.
“you will do no such thing for two more hours… that’s when we get off.”

Zac laughed with boyish enjoyment. “you should really get your mind off the towering four-hundred-forty-three-foot tall structure we’re dangling on, Darcy. you know, by looking out the window.”

she shrieked and squealed. “Zac Thymes i’m gonna puke all over you!”

“oh goodness!” i screamed, “you will have no regard to what i’m wearing.”
i tried darting away but 
i was anchored to her.

Zac just laughed.
cruelly. and Darcy 
regained her composure. 

sort of.

she began silently sobbing into my sleeve.
i grimaced as the moisture seeped through the denim.
i forced a sigh. “no regard to what i’m wearing whatsoever.”

“i feel horrible…”

Zac looked at Darcy, 
still cocky, but beginning 
to seem genuinely concerned.
“we have no buckets up here… just so you know.”

i flip off Zac and turn to Darcy who
had begun to shiver.

“what’s wrong, D?” i asked.

“she’s afraid of heights!” Zac toned in.

i flipped him off again and turned 
my attention back to Darcy.
“that’s not all, is it?”

she shook her head and buried
her face deeper into my chest.

Zac groaned. “you’re such a crybaby!”

if you blinked, you would have missed it.
her eyes opened in a quick flash,
she whipped around at Zac,
her voice was stronger,
yet still fragile; weak.
“and what if i am!” 

he was thrown back from surprise.

tears were streaming down her cheeks when
she leapt up from her seat.
“what if cry because i’m hurt? /what’s it to you!?/”

we were both silent.

because there was nothing to say.

she fell back into my body,
breaking down.

her eyes were closed yet
the tears still fled.

“what’s wrong, D?” i asked gently,
trying not to set her off.

“i don’t know,” she murmured almost inaudibly.

my hand rested on the hair that
fell over her face. i pulled them back,
and saw she was a total wreck.


“/i don’t know!/” she screamed, 
surging forward. “i don’t know!!”

my eyes exchanged frightened
glances from Zac.

her hands cradled her head while she walked off her demon.
“i don’t know what’s wrong with me…”

“you seem mad,” observed Zac. “are you mad at someone?”

“no,” she excused quickly. 
her doe-eyes were smudged
yet still retained their innocence.

“are you sure?” said Zac.
“of course!”

“are you mad at me?” i asked.

“me?” inquired Zac.



“/who are you mad at, D?/”

“yeah, Darcy, tell us! who are you mad at?”

she hurriedly wiped her swollen eyes
that flickered between me and Zac.
she looked desperate; confused.
“/i’m mad at myself!/”



in the 

air as




i stepped towards Darcy and laid a very
soft hand on her cold shoulder.

her voice was cracked,
broken. and some things,
you just can’t heal.

“i don’t feel like myself anymore… i’ve been mad lately; frustrated.”

“with me?” Zac asked regretfully.

“no! but especially with Sammy… i don’t know what’s happened… everything seemed so… 

perfect, and now it just feels like it’s falling apart.”

she fell onto her knees and caught her head 
in her open hands.

“maybe we can fix it,” Zac chimed,
forcing a happy tone.

Darcy shook her head rapidly.
“i don’t want to be with someone and not be me.”

“well maybe you should break up with him…” advised Zac.

“i… don’t know if i can…”

i went to her, 
sat down,
and sighed.
“well then, what do /you, Darcy/, want to do?”

“i just want it all to end!”
she confessed, spilling 
into my arms again.

tears were pricking my eyes as i rested my head
upon hers.

we sat there for a moment, waiting for the tension to evaporate.

“hold on, you’re almost there. remember, you’re a fighter, D.”





Darcy wiped the remaining tears from her cheeks,
on Zac’s monogrammed handkerchief.

“i can’t believe you have a monogrammed handkerchief,” teased Darcy with steadying breaths.

“i can’t believe you cried that much,” Zac said in disbelief, 
eyeing the very damp cloth.

i watched Zac and Darcy laugh once
she finished wiping her eyes.
“i can’t believe Darcy’s afraid of heights.”

she threw Zac the cloth, to which he pretended to wring out
before stepping over to Darcy with a mischevious grin.
“whatever the problem, we’re here for you.”

i stared at him imperceptibly. “you something else sappy like that and i’m gonna hurl, too.”

his eyes flickered to Darcy
who immediately flustered.

“Darce,” he said. “what was that thing you used to say when we dated? the highschool musical sh/it.”

she tried to hide a flurry of giggles
and blushes but finally allowed them to appear.
“we’re all in this together?”

my jaw dropped. “do /not/ say it, Zachary Thymes,” i threatened.

he tried to contain a suppressed grin,
but the thought that accompanied it was too much.
“we’re all in this together, Aspen!”

my dropped jaw turned into a dropped smile. “you did not just say that. oh great, i have a feeling we’re on the verge of hugging and coming up with nicknames for each other.”

“/hugging?/” Darcy perked up. 

and so did Zac. “and i’ve got the perfect nickname for you Darcy. i’m thinking ‘Shorty.’”

she eyed him flatly. “i’m five ten without heels.”

he shrugged. “it’s not a description, it’s a nickname. get used to it, Shorty.”

“don’t call me Shorty,” she told him, unamused.

“okay, /Shorty/.”

“oh yeah, that’s mature.”

“and what will my nickname be?” i asked Zac.

his face became pensive and very stoic. 
“you shall be called the Black Dagger warrior Destroyer, descended of Spite son of Wrath.”

i looked hopelessly at Darcy. “Shorty, can we trade?”

“sorry, the Black Dagger, you don’t get to choose your humiliating nickname.”

i sighed. “do you have any cyanide?”

Darcy punched me playfully. “wait, what’s Zac’s nickname?”

he smiled, awaiting his name.
a light bulb sprang onto Darcy’s head.
“how about Idiot Stupid Dummy Lame Hate-him Marcus Elephant Hair-ball—” 

“but you’ll always be Zac to us,” i cut in. “as well as hard-a/ss. smart-a/ss. royal pain in the a/ss. you know, whatever the situation calls for. i think as long as there's an a/ss in there, it'll be accurate.”

“how about bA/SStard?” D suggested.

he nodded. “nice. i feel that.”

we are leaning on glass, a magnificent sunset across and up the winding 
river, the imperial serpent, crowds, flats, parks, smoky spires and gables,
incandescent sky casting downward across the miles of deep streets and
roofs cluttering and sinuous river Thames a drastic strain of burnt
orange, to remind a visitor of the light that makes chilled untraveled
canals of many streets, and that fills with the starlings of London,
converging by millions to hazy stone pedestals, to emptying
squares and a great collective sleep. they flow in rings, 
concentric rings on the radar screens, in front of us. 

“i am never taking a trip with either of you ever again,” Darcy said with contempt. “ever.”

“excellent,” Zac replied, still looking at the view. “the next trip, we hit the strip bar.”

Darcy flipped him off and i laughed,
wrapped my arms around their necks,
and stared at the splintered labyrinth.

at the height of our laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities.

> > > aspen.
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