Mondays I have the longest ass lunch breaks ever. I have an 8:30 class and it ended around 9:44 or so today. And I don't have another class until 4.
I'm hanging out with my friend Liz later until class. She has a break after 2:30 I think. But usually I just ask her to text me when she's done so I can show up at the school whenever that is without waiting around. Normally I make others wait around. That's probably not that great of me.
Saturday I made two of my friends wait around for an hour- they really didn't seem phased about it though. They were talking the whole time. Which made me feel good I think- that they weren't upset with me. We explored for that day.
I've done something with someone at least every day since maybe Thursday. I remember Thursday I visited the Pride Centre and saw a movie. I also saw glee with my roommate's friends and did something earlier that day too but I can't remember.
Friday I went to a party with alcohol and 9 people but did not drink and had a good enough time anyway.
I won a drinking game. I had grapefruit juice and club soda instead of something else. Drunk people were high fiving me and giving me hugs it was great.
Yesterday I saw Doctor Who with a friend who I had a more-than-friends thing going on with for a little while. But we are going to just be friends.
I'm glad he gave me my first kiss though.
I'm glad he taught me how to kiss LOL.
It was really nice and I understand better now why people kiss and hold hands and things.

I'm just glad to be in his life I think.

Others may come along. I hope anyway.
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